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    posted a message on Sick and tired of Leeroy shenanigans
    Quote from Reinan23 >>

    Complaing about Charge when they just printed Winged Guardian a card that eats 17 points of damage alone when double buffed HP and you cant do nothing about that as aggro, ROFL.

     It is common practice for aggro decks to run a bit of silence when there are a lot of taunts in the meta.

    Pro tip: Winged Guardian can be affected by battlecries.

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    posted a message on Lunar New Year Celebration - Quests and Tavern Brawl
    Quote from ArcyroX >>

    this is cool but they also couldve done something on the regular new year celebration, just saying.

     They could also never hand out any freebies at all. There are plenty of games that don't observe any holidays.

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    posted a message on New Neutral Card - Frenzied Felwing
    Quote from Mate8 >>

    First I thought the discount only last one turn and i thought it was super strong. Now I realized that the discount is permanent. What an OP card!

     It says "this turn." The discount should reset every turn. That's still insane.

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    posted a message on New Warrior Card - Boom Squad
    Quote from Whiskey_Jack >>

    Question on how this works: do you pick one of the 3 and then get 3 discover choices of that type? Or does it present you one of each option in the discover?

     It's probably one of each, which means you could get unplayable garbage of the type you're looking for, plus two other things that don't really work with your deck.

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    posted a message on New Common Priest Card - Cleric of Scales
    Quote from sPacEtiMe19 >>
    Quote from C_A_W >>
    Quote from water2770 >>

    So... whose up for divine spirit inner fire combos to be more consistent again? With high health dragons and maybe a stormwind knight and the stealth mana ramp boost beast to triple divine spirit + inner fire/topsy turvy and otk. 

     It is very likely that they are gonna hof DS. 

     Do you say "very likely" because you're tired of getting otk'd by it, or backed by actual statements from blizzard hinting at or confirming this? 


    Dean Ayala has hinted.

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    posted a message on Did you like the "old" style of choosing buckets of cards in an Adventure?
    Quote from HoraceWalpol >>

    Why not both?

    In terms of replayability, no doubt Dungeon Run-style content is my favorite. But in this specific instance, where the whole point of the adventure is to conclude a year long narrative, I think the linear storytelling of the original adventures is more fitting. There's another sense of narrative progression, of the story developing. Playing as different characters each battle, moving through Northend towards a goal... I think it's great storytelling. I probably won't play it again, but I don't mind that. There's plenty of solo content for me to enjoy already.

    My sole complaint is that Heroic is too easy. I would like a bit of a challenge.


     It actually used to be both, sort of.

    You would create your own deck for Normal and Heroic, and then there were pre-generated decks for Class Challenges, which would unlock an additional card for the given class.

    I'm guessing they wanted to move away from building your own deck because these bosses become significantly easier as new sets are released and more powerful combos become available.

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    posted a message on Galakrond's Awakening - All Remaining Cards Revealed!

    No one on Team 5 has any idea how to create Shaman cards anymore.

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    posted a message on I was told to get gud, and I finally did.

    If only more people would git gud instead of blaming the game. Nicely done.

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    posted a message on New Priest Card - Aeon Reaver
    Quote from Drainmav >>
    Quote from nyseK >>

    Best case scenario as a 6 mana 4/4 destroy a minion is actually insane. Vilespine slayer saw play in nearly every rogue deck until it rotated and this is comparable to that, this could be the cornerstone to a not resurrect priest deck

     Vilespine had better stats for its mana cost and curved much better. And vile would guarantee kill everything. This doesn’t do that as we are in a meta where many minions you want to kill have more health than attack. Priest also doesn’t lack any cards that destroy minions either. So something like this isn’t going to cut it. If it was five mana I think it might have been good enough, but not at six. Even as dragon tag it lacks. In fact this thing is a nerf to the other dragon generators.

     Vilespine requires a combo, which is not trivial.

    Also, targets with high health and low attack are not usually where you want to be using your removal. If something like that shows up, Priest probably has other ways to deal with it.

    If this were a 6-mana 4/4 with a battlecry of "Deal X damage to a minion," I don't think X would have to be a very big number for people to fall in love with it.

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    posted a message on Additional DECK SLOTS!

    I'm sure plenty of people fill their 18 slots, but I seriously doubt anyone actually uses 18 different decks on a regular basis.

    If you want to save a ton of deck lists that you never actually use, maybe do it on Hearthpwn? Just sayin'.

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