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    so when are the tokens getting their golden animations and sounds on here?

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    they mustve forgot to put the rest of the text on this card:  When this card is played, draw 90% less 1 drops

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    Tol'vir Warden, Raptor Hatchling, Grievous bite, and Dinomancy aren't aggro. as attractive as giving your beasts extra attack to go face with is, a face deck isnt going to spend 2 mana a turn to do nothing while removing their beloved steady shot. Raptor hatchling doesnt do anything until the other one is drawn, and as a face deck you probably wont make it to that. tol'vir and bite are pretty obvious. the rest they got arent really aggro either but could go into literally any type of hunter deck, which is a GOOD thing.

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    He's a sleepy peepy

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