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    posted a message on Nerf cards in battleground?

    I agree with most of the suggestions, though I think that for "balancing" Battlegrounds, a little more is necessary.

    Part of the power of mechs comes from Magnetic as a tribe-exclusive keyword, with Annoy-o-Module and Replicating Menace effectively working as spells, making them more handy (and powerful) than Houndmaster for example. It's just icing on the cake that they work so well with Cobalt Guardian and Junkbot. Just glad that they didn't add Venomizer, Spider Bomb or Wargear.

    They already said that they wanted to do balancing patches for Battlegrounds about once a month. So I am sure that they will get to that soon enough. But I hope they also take it as inspiration to develop unique traits for other tribes as well. Beasts are sort of established as "when you summon a beast", which is alright but limited to a few rare minions. For the most part, beasts don't work too well with each other, unless you get the right cards for them, while most of the Mechs do work with each other.

    Demons normally have the identity of high power at low cost and a downside, but the only one that really does that is Vulgar Homunculus. Probably because Felguard, Pit Lord or Unlicensed Apothecary would be horrible and most other demons just don't work with Battlegrounds. The best demon-related card you can hope for is Mal'Ganis, and that sort of requires a Voidlord as well. Neither of them make demons really unique, and only late in the game.

    About the only really outstanding ability for Murlocs is Toxfin, with no real gamechanger at the end (EDIT: Forgot about Gentle Megasaur, though it's too little too late, in my opinion). Maybe they could add Scargil as a Tier 6 minion, that lets you recruit Murlocs for 1 and thus gives you better chances for triples and more lategame snowballing. As it is, there really is no good reason to stick with murlocs, partially because their orignal strength of numbers and low cost is completely irrevelant in Battlegrounds, as all minions cost the same and developing wide boards can be done with anything.

    So, balancing aside, I hope that Battlegrounds will give the developers ideas to just make tribes more interesting in general. Also, because most Elemental and Dragon synergies simply wouldn't work right now, and I hope to see a few more tribes and playstyles added to the mode in the future.

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    It is certainly possible to do sort of well with any hero. Win... not so sure. All I can say from about 10 rounds (tried it out for the first time today) is that I have yet to see a single round where Millificent isn't AT LEAST in the top 3. Of course, everyone makes different experiences, but some heroes definitely seem to have a bigger chance to win than others.

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    posted a message on how is hearthstone doing?

    Saying that the game is dying would be a little silly, but I'd say it's not as popular as it used to be.

    While those are only signs, the game has significantly less viewers on average on twitch, popular streamers/youtubers have less views, less activity here, vicioussyndicate having less contributors, Blizzard having fewer monthly active users than it used to have... so yeah, kinda looks that way. The recent Blitzchung incident probably didn't help either, but time will tell how much of an impact it had.

    Whether the game is dying or not depends on whether these trends continue, but unless something really bad happens, I'd say the game is safe for now. Battlegrounds might also help the game to get better again.


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    posted a message on What Wild packs to buy?

    I'd honestly buy Curse of Naxxramas instead of packs, if I were you, and if you really have to make a decision.

    Just to name the cards that are relevant (some even crucial) to this day: You'd get Duplicate, Loatheb, Mad Scientist, Voidcaller, Avenge, Nerubian Egg, Deathlord, Poison Seeds and Death's Bite. All of them (except for the legendary) twice.

    Any old set would likely give you fewer decent or even meta-relevant cards in 10-20 packs. And the chance to get a good legendary (or as good as Loatheb) from any older set is very slim. Most of them have maybe up to 5 good or decent legendaries in it, some even less, with the exception of Knights of the Frozen Throne.

    Considering that most of the cards you'd find in packs will be commons, the only other set I'd recommend to purchase packs from is GvG, since most of the good cards in that set are common as well, no joke: Shielded Minibot, Darkbomb, Crackle, Cogmaster, Mechwarper, Explosive Sheep, Annoy-o-Tron, Ship's Cannon, just to name a few. A little less than half of all the commons in that set are very good.

    In all the other sets... well, you'll have to buy packs eventually if you want all the dust to craft some of the better cards anyway, but most sets have maybe a handful of commons that are good, while the better cards in them are usually of higher rarity, so less likely to appear in packs.


    In terms of quality, as in how many good or important cards are in it, I'd rank them as followed:

    1) Kobolds and Catacombs: While not as good as it used to be, the set was one of the best in Hearthstone's history and still holds many powerhouses for various decks and strategies. 

    2) Knights of the Frozen Throne: Has plenty of good cards as well, but many of them are epics and legendaries.

    3) Goblins vs Gnomes: Not that many good cards in total, but I rate it a little higher due to how budget friendly it is.

    4) Mean Streets of Gadgetzan: Still has some very good cards of different rarity, and just recently a few of them became better again, but aside from a few crucial cards, I'd say most of the set can be safely ignored.

    5) Journy to Un'goro: There are some good cards in it, but you are better off crafting them individually. The set used to be pretty good, and many of the cards are still strong on paper, but most of them have simply become irrelevant since there are better alternatives or related strategies have become outdated.

    6/7) The Grand Tournament/Whispers of the Old Gods: While TGT is considered the worst set of all time, they are honestly somewhat on the same level by now. Both sets have few good cards in it, that you might feel like crafting for specific decks, but most of the cards in these sets have become irrelevant or were weak to begin with and are not worth having. It's worth mentioning that C'Thun, to this day, can only be obtained if you open a WOG pack, which means you'd have to buy at least one. Then again, few people even tried to play C'Thun in years.

    As for adventures:

    1) Curse of Naxxramas: As described above, arguably the best adventure to purchase.

    2) League of Explorers: I know most people would say that LoE is the best or at least second best adventure just because of Reno Jackson, but honestly, aside from Reno and maybe Forgotten Torch, the set doesn't have all that many good cards left in it, I personally find it debatable whether it's better than BRM, but I'd agree that Reno is worth having, and Brann Bronzebeard is also ok.

    3) Blackrock Mountain: Not as relevant as it used to be. Cards like Flamewaker, Imp Gang Boss or Solemn Vigil have mostly become outdated. Still ok set though, and Emperor Thaurissan is still good or at least ok for combo and control decks. and it's worth mentioning that we will get some more dragon synergies with the next expansion, which this set introduced. On the other hand, it's become hard to justify even Blackwing Corruptor and Blackwing Technician in modern Dragon decks.

    4) One Night in Karazhan: After the Barnes nerf (which is still ok, just not as unfair anymore), it's the only adventure with no good legendary in it. There are many better lategame legendaries than Medivh, the Guardian. After the change of the discover mechanic, Netherspite Historian became significantly weaker as well. The set has a few decent cards left, but you might just want to craft them.

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    posted a message on Back at the game

    The last expansion had a massive impact on the game and the meta, and as you might have noticed, there are currently a few old cards (from Wild Sets) in Standard. These were added with the Hollows End, and will only stay till december when the next expansion launches, but for now, many of these cards are important in the metagame. So, most of the current decks will change at least back to how they were a month ago, which will also at least turns the meta back to the previous state. But that's when the new expansion launches, so all that can be said for now, is that many of the current decks and the entire current meta will change soon, and it's impossible to predict what the new meta will look like and what decks survive.

    But to give you some ideas:

    Aggro/Quest Shaman is an extremely good deck right now that everyone and their moms are playing, but it will go away (or at least one powerful aspect of it) in December. It was already a good deck before they brought back Evolve, but nowhere near as good as it is now. Certainly a good deck to invest into, but hard to say where it will end up. 

    Another powerful and relatively cheap deck is Inner Fire Combo Priest, but High Priest Amet and (to a lesser extent) Bwonsamdi, the Dead are highly recommended, and you don't have either of them. The deck was very strong and popular before Hollow's End, and right now it is still strong, but not as popular anymore. It can be expected that it will be very good again when the Wild cards disappear, but it's also worth pointing out that many players have been complaining a lot about it and a developer commented that Divine Spirit is a card that the dev team isn't too fond of. Let's just say, I wouldn't be surprised if it gets nerfed in December.

    Highlander Hunter was very good and will probably continue to be so, but it's pretty expensive. Same goes for Quest Druid, which will also lose an important card that is currently giving it quite a boost.

    Tempo Rogue is currently also a pretty strong and affordable deck, but it benefits both from the cards that were added and from the meta shift that the event caused. Hard to say where it will be after the expansion launches.

    So, in short, everything's in a weird state right now. While it can be expected that some of the good decks from last month (especially Combo Priest, Quest Shaman, Quest Druid, Highlander Hunter) will be candidates for the top spots post launch, I wouldn't make big investments right now. Just play whatever you want to get back into the game, do some quests and wait for the launch of the next expansion.

    Though I'd recommend you to get a few more packs for Saviors of Uldum. It's a very good expansion with many powerful legendaries in it, and (in my opinion) likely to be influential for the next expansion and possibly for the entire next year.

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    posted a message on Are you going to pre-order DoD?

    Just in a recent interview before Blizzcon, Ben Thomposon said about the game (in response to the incident), that "it should be “home away from home” where players should “leave your world outside and join this world inside where all are welcome.”"

    "“[Hearthstone] was never intended to be something more than that,” he said. “It was never intended to be ‘me against you’ or ‘I am different from you’ other than what my deck looks like and what my strategy is.”" (from a Kotaku interview: https://kotaku.com/hearthstone-developers-wish-blizzard-had-handled-hong-k-1839616541).

    If that's how he sees the game, the community sure doesn't. There is a clear "me against you" and "I am better than you"-mentality on a personal and even moral level going on. It also shows occasionally in discussions about decks (whenever a deck or strategy is labeled "braindead", for example), but it ALWAYS shows when it comes to "do you pre-order?", or "do you spend money?" for that matter.

    Whether it is F2P players taking pride in not spending money, or big spenders that not only take pride in how much money they are spending, but will shame any who don't follow their example. These sentiments ALWAYS come up, and they are always shoehorned in when the question about pre-ordering (or just anything remotely related to money) comes up. And yes, I focus on the latter even though both sides like to play the moral card, because judging by the upvotes, it is rather obvious which one is in the lead here.

    Some would be absolutely delighted to read this topic and the reactions. To paraphrase the by now somewhat infamous Torulf Jernström on the structuring and design of F2P games from his presentation at a game conference a few years ago (with the charming title "Let's go whaling"): "We are herd animals, we tend to do what all the others do. Especially when people are similar to us, the socially accepted way of behaving in your game should be paying. You want to tell people when somebody bought something, so that everbody knows, because then that becomes the socially acceptable way. You absolutely do NOT want to tell them that the majority of people in your game never spend money. That's poison! NEVER tell them that!" (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xNjI03CGkb4). In case that was too subtle: He means that in a F2P economy, players should push each other into paying (more and more) money, and implicitly, that they should socially exclude people who don't comply, thereby coercing them into paying as well.

    I wouldn't say that Hearthstone is fully embracing that philosophy of fostering such an environment (even though some things like hero portraits and card backs are clearly informing other players of your spendings), but Ben Thompson either doesn't care or is unaware of how deeply divided the community is in that regard by now, when he says that. Hearthstone isn't exactly welcoming everyone, when some players zealously, in a twisted sense of loyalty, feel like they need to defend the interests of the publisher in heated arguments against those "greedy freeloaders", rather than enjoying to have so many people share their hobby and make others feel welcome.

    This discussion shouldn't even happen. EVER. No one needs to justify or explain his or her spending habits, for whatever reason, because it is nobody's business here. And it's not a moral debate, or in any way open for debate, whether a player spends 1000$ a year, or 100$, or 10$, or nothing. Sure you can be interested in what others have spent or intend to purchase, but you can't be judgmental about it. To say the least, it should seem a bit iffy to you, if by that logic virtuousness can be obtained by a purchase.

    Whether I am poor, or live in a country where the pre-order is too expensive, or want to make a political statement, or don't think it's worth it, or have bad (compulsory) spending habits and need to avoid microtransactions, or have already spent 5000$ on the game across the years and think it's been enough, I am free to not pre-order. I do not have to explain why, and hopefully never will. 

    Unless Blizzard (or rather Activision) should someday decide that the game will require a monthly subscription fee, everyone is in the right to spend as little or as much on the game as he or she likes, even if it is nothing at all. That is all there is to say. You'd think people would leave the financial concerns to the company that is knowingly and intentionally and for over 5 years, from the very start, very successfully offering the game for free.


    Boy, this thread made me mad. And sad. As much as I criticise the game, topics like these (or rather what they turn into) really make me wonder what people I'm spending my time with. The game can get better over time, even though it might take a decade or two until I'm all happy with it. But I wonder what amount of patience I have to bring up until this community drops this super silly topic once and for all.


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    posted a message on rewards from adventures ?

    Nope, no special cards or packs for those. There were packs when they launched, but only as promotional bonus. Frozen Throne was the only expansion-related single player content, that directly rewarded you with something. Until Rise of Shadows at least, but there, all the later chapters have to get unlocked purchased.

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    posted a message on rewards from adventures ?

    I'm not even sure if the old Frozen Throne stuff can still be done on a new account. Let me know if it's possible; genuinely curious.

    Anyway, the first chapter of Saviors of Uldum should be free and awards 3 packs for completion. If the first chapter of Rise of Shadows is also still available and for free, that would also award 3 packs.

    Other than that, only beating all of the Expert Innkeeper decks awards 100g. The solo player stuff for the expansion last year (Monster Hunt, Booomsday Puzzles, Rumble Run) "only" award card backs if you complete them.

    Edit: Forgot to mention Dungeon Run from Kobolds and Catacombs. That also will only give a card back if you beat it with all 9 classes.

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    posted a message on New Rare Priest Spell Revealed - Time Rip

    It's a decent Invoke card. Which is more than I can say for most of the others shown so far. And Priest gets a pretty good secondary Invoke reward, so I'm somewhat optimistic about Priest. But it sure depends on what Galakrond has to offer.

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    posted a message on New Paladin Card - Nozdormu the Timeless

    I'm probably completely wrong, but I just thought it might be what control-oriented Paladins need right now. Paladin has some good lategame combos and stabilizers, but many of their cards are just so expensive that they fall behind too often.

    Of course it's a very risky move to just give your opponent 10 mana to overrun you, but otherwise, the alternative is to struggle until you can play your Equality or Shrink Ray with a Wild Pyromancer, or hope you last until you can play Crystalsmith Kangor with a heal effect. This allows you to move the game to a stage where you are more capable of dealing with your opponent's moves. It even makes Nozari somewhat more playable.

    So... just maybe, it is actually a good card.

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    posted a message on New Common Paladin Card - Sand Breath

    When two cards are combined into one without mana cost increase, it is usually a pretty good one. So, maybe it is stronger than it might seem, but I agree it doesn't seem very strong for now. If the buff was +2/+1, I'd be more into it.

    The other breath spells are so good you'd consider building a deck just for them. For Paladin it seems that Cathedral Gargoyle and Dragon Speaker were meant to be the main reasons and this is just a little extra.


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    posted a message on New Legendary Mage Minion Revealed - Malygos, Aspect of Magic

    It's not a bad card, I guess. I imagine that there are only a few upgraded spells that you can get offered, or else they would have to come up with an algorithm how to upgrade any kind of Mage spell, just for this card. Given the examples, it's probably basic or maybe basic+classic spells.

    I'll wait and see what breath spell Mage gets, what the neutral support for dragons is, etc. The explorer didn't really convince me, and while Malygos 2 is reasonably strong, Mage needs a lot of good cards right now.

    Just to make a wild guess, I'll say it goes into a Dragon-focused Highlander version.

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    posted a message on New Common Rogue Card Revealed - Candle Breath

    It's still way too early to tell how the new dragon decks will look and how they will work out, but this is a pretty strong card. Most of the breath spells so far were pretty good, but they were a bit more specific. This is just good for any Rogue deck if you can fit a few dragons in. If Hunter can cut all non-beast minions for Master's Call, I dare say Rogue will find a way to include maybe 6 dragons.

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    posted a message on New Legendary Warrior Minion Revealed - Deathwing, Mad Aspect

    Hm... not sure. My first instinct is that this is a pretty good card since it's just another way to kill minions and possibly have a big threat afterwards, but maybe Warrior doesn't really need it with Plague of Wrath and Brawl.

    I can imagine this to go into most slower Warrior decks for a long time, and I can imagine it being tossed aside completely. But it's a cool idea.

    Needless to say, I expect to see many Mogu Fleshshapers mutating into big bad dragons.


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    posted a message on New Epic Hunter Spell Revealed - Toxic Reinforcements

    I don't think it's worth it. While it sort of supports the quest and pushes for face damage, I'd rather play minions and not waste turns using the hero power. 3 turns is also a bit too much for a relatively weak reward. The Mage Sidequest synergizes better with the main quest, doesn't slow you down like this and provides a more significant reward.

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