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    posted a message on Reno deck in wild is to much.

    Get used to Highlander decks being a dominant force in Wild for the foreseeable future.

    Zephrys, Reno, Kazakus, and Dragonqueen are each capable of turning the game around, so they are more than worthwhile to build a deck around, and since Standard requires the same tools every year, Reno decks in Wild just get more and more consistent, as duplicates become unnecessary. Just for board clears, Priest has accumulated Mass Hysteria, Dragonfire Potion, Lightbomb, Psychic Scream, Plague of Death and now gets Soul Mirror. If you need earlier answers, there's Duskbreaker, Breath of the Infinite and Spirit Lash, and if that still isn't enough, Zephrys and Kazakus can help you out anytime. And the next one will likely come out later this year or next year.

    Inevitably, Highlander decks get stronger, and become more interesting for other classes as well. The reason not everyone is playing Highlander, is that these decks need win conditions that beat other control decks. Mage has the Quest and used to be the only good Highlander deck, and now with Raza restored to its original version, Priest has again obtained something that may end the game in a similar fashion. You can bet that as soon as Warlock gets a win condition that is easier to complete and more consistent than Mecha'thun or Darkest Hour, Warlock will go back to playing Reno as well. It's got all the necessary tools, just no card or combo that is one the level of what Mage and Priest can do. 

    Other strategies actually have a harder time improving. Non-Highlander Combo decks like Quest mage, which can deal 30+ damage uninterrupted, have a pretty good chance to stand against Highlander decks, but most combo options are designed in a way that they take a long time to be completed, and Wild will never be free of fast decks that try their luck to end the game before Reno shows up. I think it's fairly unlikely that any new combo deck will be as fast and resilient as Quest Mage, anytime soon. There's the new Miracle Jade Druid, but I think that deck can only succeed as long as nobody sees it as a threat. Any Highlander deck can easily include Skulking Geist.

    Aggressive decks can't get much stronger without becoming an issue in Standard as well. There's a limit to how strong 1- and 2-drops can be made, and cards like Sea Giant are already seen as too strong in Standard. Secret Mage is one of the few successful aggressive decks, since it doesn't really need minions past turn 5 and Counterspell can be difficult to deal with.

    I think Midrange decks could be a counter again, if they get tools to establish boards that can't be dealt with, and quickly enough before inevitable win conditions hit. A card like Vivid Spores is the right direction, I think, but probably not good enough yet. Combo disruptors would also be an option, but they are very uncommon as well, and not a top priority in set design for Standard. 

    In short: HIghlander decks are very unlikely to disappear anytime soon; possibly never. If you are sick of Highlander, either play a combo deck, or try your luck with something very aggressive, and look out for cards that have the potential to make healing and board clears meaningless. 

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    posted a message on Has the rotation already happened?

    It's probably a bug. I've encountered that as well recently, and after a few tries, the game accepted my deck again. If you actually have a card from a wild set in your deck, you shouldn't even be able to select it for a Standard game.

    The sets from 2018 will rotate when the next expansion releases on April 7th. Until then, all cards from those sets are still allowed in Standard.

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    posted a message on Priest is back into the meta... sigh

    Priest is the perfect class. There has never been a class so perfect like Priest. And everybody who says otherwise must be playing aggro and should be banned. If you play Hunter, your account should be deleted.

    Everybody knows that control is the only way to play the game that requires skill, and doing nothing for the first three or four turns is very skillful.

    Killing a minion with Forbidden Words? Killing another minion with Shadow Word: Death or Time Rip? Killing all minions with Breath of the Infinite? Killing all minions again with Mass Hysteria? Killing all minions again with another Mass Hysteria? Killing all minions again with Plague of Death? Killing all minions again with another Plague of Death? All those plays are very skillful. Hunters would never understand.

    Only aggro players play minions before turn 5. They lack the skill to see that the best minions cost 5 or more. Zilliax, Convincing Infiltrator, and Khartut Defender are some of the best minions in the game, that require a lot of skill to play. If you play minions that don't even have stalling effects, you must be playing aggro. Archmage Vargoth and Psychopomp cost less than 5, but you don't play those on turn 4. Only skilled players would know that.

    If you don't like Priest, you should stop playing the game. Because only skilled players should play the game, and they can appreciate that Priest is a control class, and control requires a lot of skill. Priest is obviously the perfect class, and everyone who does not play Priest is a stupid aggro player.

    ... I mean, that's what I learned on this board at least.

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    posted a message on [Wild Legend] Even Windspeaker Shaman

    The deck is extremely outdated, even without Flametongue.

    Newer versions of Even Shaman focus much more on Totems. This is what the most common version of Even Shaman looks like these days:


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    posted a message on No longer Ramkahen's Roar

    I think so too, though I thought the Ramkahen's Roar was like a horn of some sorts, even though the art doesn't look much like an instrument. "Pharaoh's Warmask" sounds more like an artifact and matches the artwork better, but doesn't fit the visual and sound effect.

    I guess they first wanted the warmask as a reward and asked for such artwork, then tried out different hero powers and effects, ended up settling with an effect similar to Savage Roar, adjusted the name, and then realized that the name doesn't really match the artwork anymore.

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    posted a message on Is there any reward for Wild ranking?

    There is no Wild chest. You will always get the same rewards as in Standard, and there's no second chest for you if you played both formats.

    The new system, from what I know, will also not change that.

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    posted a message on Galakrond Warlock is Shocking

    Galakrond Warlock gives you random demons, and random is random. Trust me, when you play against me, you will get your extreme highroll you think you deserve.

    And even when you lowroll, the Battlecry does what it is intended to do. It refills the board, and pressures the opponent into having more answers, after every other invoke card you played before was filling the board and forced your opponent to deal with it. The hero power synergizes extremely well with cards like Grim Rally (leaving soon) and Plague of Flames, and Veiled Worshipper is a very good support card for any deck, making Galakrond Warlock a somewhat flexible archetype. 

    The card is reasonably strong, and fine as it is. You are not supposed to play Galakrond and win immediately with over 20/20 in summoned stats.

    Compare that with Priest, who got the slowest, super random hero power and the least impactful invoke plays, the only reactive battlecry that might not even do much, Fate Weaver doesn't give you an extra advantage but rather compensates for how bad the hero power is, and none of it synergizes with anything in Priest, outside of stressing once more that Priest is the slowest class in the game.

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    posted a message on Did they change the daily Quests?

    There's a discussion about it on Reddit as well: https://www.reddit.com/r/hearthstone/comments/fr5dp2/have_the_daily_quests_changed/

    And from my own experience, on Eu and NA, I have rolled and rerolled no less than 4 times into 50s in the last 2 days now. After months of rarely ever seeing any 50g Quest, never being forced to complete one, it's more than just a coincidence.

    Also, possibly related to this, all the 60s I got offered (3 in total) were 3 games with 2 classes + Demon Hunter. Just once, I have seen something else entirely (Challenge a Friend).

    It definitely isn't "tin foil" or bad luck, it's a change in the system, though probably an unintentional one. And considering how many other weird bugs (like Living Roots or Kingsbane) the latest patch came with already, it's not all that surprising.

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    posted a message on Legendary Tier List & Crafting Guide

    No, there was not. Or at least not with the rule that you can't open them again (predictably) after disenchanting them.

    I know from a friend that he opened Hir'eek again after disenchanting him without having all the legendaries in RR.

    You can also watch one of Kripp's massive pack openings like the one for KFT, where he disenchants and obtains specific legendaries again multiple times while trying to get a golden one.

    If I understood it correctly, the new system will not allow that anymore, and after you "owned" every card of a given rarity, you can only open them again at random, if you already disenchanted them. So, if you disenchanted a legendary now, you would first have to open every other legendary of that set, and then it's random if you get it again.

    But maybe I got that part wrong.

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    posted a message on Which legendaries are you hyped about or hoping to win when Outland hits?

    Kayn Sunfury, obviously, and Maiev Shadowsong, which I expect to be the new Zilliax for a while. Essentially a Spellbreaker with some strategical upsides.

    I'm not entirely sure about Metamorphosis. Also not sure about Beastmaster Leoroxx. They could be strong, or they could be really bad... I don't know.

    Then there are a bunch of cards I'd like to try out, though I'm really not sure how much I'd end up using them. Those would be Zixor, Apex Predator, Murgur Murgurgle, Kanrethad Ebonlocke, maybe Teron Gorefiend and perhaps even The Lurker Below.

    And finally, a few legendaries that I don't desperately want, but where I'd probably not be sad about finding them in packs, since they are probably good to have. Those would be Evocation, Soul Mirror. Kargath Bladefist, and maybe Astromancer Solarian.

    So about a 50/50 chance, that I'll get at least one legendary I'd be fine with.

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    posted a message on Duplicate protection and disenchanting
    Quote from Tear >>
    Quote from SlydE >>

    This was explained already and discussed in this thread, as DEing could be abused a lot during nerfs:


    This patch put a "collected" tag on cards you open or craft which will prevent duplicate protection once active. You will get duplicate protection on holes in your collection caused by DEing cards in the past. This happened to me as well.

    Edit: and golden cards+duplicate protection is bugged atm, I don't think it even takes golden cards you own into consideration.

    Does the "collected" tag also applies to cards you disenchanted before the patch?


    I disenchanted Cold Blood and Preparation when the cards were nerfed, I've been missing them since, and got both of them right away (though there were other candidates for Epics). On another account, I got 2 Mana Wyrms in the first pack, which I also disenchanted before.

    I'm pretty sure it only applies to cards you disenchant after the patch went live.

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    posted a message on Odd Demon Hunter

    While I think it could work, the curve is a bit high for using Skull of Gul'dan and Crimson Sigil Runner. So many 5s and Priestess of Fury could make it difficult to get cards on outcast. Needless to say you are kinda screwed when Baku shows up in your opening hand.
    I'd consider using stuff like Mecharoo and SN1P-SN4P instead of Glaivebound Adept and Command the Illidari. Coordinated Strike might actually be better anyway. The deathrattles allow you to keep the pressure up, and they should make it easier to play Wrathscale Naga.

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    posted a message on The terrible text of 2 upcoming cards.

    I wouldn't call it "lazy". I mean, they don't do it just to save some work, but because they mean to keep it as simple as possible. They actually put effort into needing fewer words on cards, which is why many mechanics are replaced by keywords. But if every effect like that of Gurubashi is turned into a keyword, it doesn't help much either, since you need to know all of them, and apparently, keywords are one of the most discouraging aspects of Hearthstone for new players. At least that's what the devs found out during testing.

    I guess this is really more confusing for players who've been playing other card games before and are used to cards specifying the mechanics more. But there've been very few cases for me in Hearthstone where I got the mechanic of a card wrong.

    I admit that they could try to phrase it better, but then again, most cards are pretty easy to understand if you've played the game for a few days, and Gurubashi has been around forever. So, apparently not a huge problem either.

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    posted a message on The terrible text of 2 upcoming cards.

    Hearthstone card texts are supposed to intuitively make sense, and the player is supposed to fill in the gaps by playing a card, if something seems ambiguous. And through playing a few games, they get a feeling for how cards are working, e.g. that attack buffs always apply to the minion, unless stated otherwise. They want to keep it brief and simple, so that every player can quickly grasp what a card is doing.

    Gurubashi Berserker is a good example here, since most players have played this card at least once during the time they started playing Hearthstone, and they know how cards with such a card text behave. 

    If we were playing Yu-Gi-Oh, the card text for Bonechewer Vanguard would read as something like this:
    "This card can be normal summoned by spending 7 mana during your turn, or special summoned by any viable effect. During your opponent's turn, this card has to be targeted by your opponent's minions or weapon attacks before your hero or another one of your minions can be targeted, unless another minion with "Taunt" is on your side of the field. When damage is inflicted to this card by either player during any phase of their resepective turns, you may raise the attack power of Bonechewer Vanguard by 2. This effect is permanent, it may stack, and is not negated by restoring Bonechewer Vanguard to full Health."

    It can be a bit annoying when Hearthstone isn't always clear or outright behaving inconsistently, but for the most part, this simplicity actually makes the game a lot more enjoyable, since you don't need to study a card text for 5 minutes with a rulebook by your side, just to understand how a card is working and behaving in whatever circumstance. And since it is a virtual game where every move is controlled by the game, you can be sure that nobody can cheat.

    If Hearthstone was played with actual cards, you'd have a point, but you'd probably be unable to complete a single game between Mage and Rogue within a day, since every single Discover and Random effect has be determined with dice, and a referee would need to confirm every single roll.

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    posted a message on Need advice for disenchanting
    Quote from Nels9n >>

    Hi guys. 
    My friend told me to disenchant my golden epics and legendaries that I don’t like from the classic set before the update. He said that if I do that, there is a chance that I can obtain them again when I I open them in classic packs with the new duplication rule. Whereas if I disenchant them after the update, I will have a low chance of opening their normal versions again. What do u guys think?

    any advice would be appreciated. Thanks!

     As far as I know, this has not been confirmed. If someone knows any better, please correct me. 

    My guess is, that the game is currently not tracking cards as "owned" yet, or at least not with the implication that disenchanted cards (like legendaries) won't show up in packs anymore. So it would make sense that you can get disenchanted epics again right after the patch goes live. BUT it's possible that it already does this sort of tracking, and only now it will have this kind of side effect, so cards in your collection are already marked as owned before the patch goes live.

    Either way, you should take the following into consideration:

    Depending on how many epics you are still missing from the Classic set, it could take you a very long time to profit from disenchanting some now. I, for example, am still missing around 19 epics from the Classic set. For 19 epics, I need to open something between 80 and 100 packs, probably. Since I don't plan on buying more Classic packs and have to rely on Brawls and some of the Daily Quests, I usually get around 60 Classic packs per year. In other words, if I go and disenchant some Epic now, I'd benefit from it sometime next year, when I would have all Epics anyway, before considering those I disenchant. I might continue playing the game for that much longer, but I honestly don't think that's worth 100 dust. If I had a specific epic only as a golden, I'd maybe reconsider it. 

    And it's even worse for legendaries. I'm missing about 15, I think, and if I want to open them "naturally", it will probably take a few more years for me to get there. By that time, we might have a whole new list of Classic legendaries due to Hall of Fame and new additions, like with Natalie Seline. I was considering to disenchant my Golden Lorewalker Cho as well, since I'll probably never, ever miss it, but I'd really only profit from that in 3 years or so from now, and I'd rather open new legendaries instead of Lorewalker until then.

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