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    Hearthstone always had some "silly" artwork in the past, as it still has more "serious" artwork in modern expansions.

    I will concede that in quantity, there are more cartoonish or "cute" cards in modern expansions than in the past. Not a surprise though, as the game is actually intended to be more on the silly side, and not a perfect card-based recreation of the source material, like you have it in Gwent or TES Legends. It might also have to do with expansions themselves being generally more lighthearted (to varying degrees, of course).

    I also see that newer cards usually have less contrast, but I can also see why the developers might prefer bright colors, when the cards are already a bit small in the game. When the artwork is too dark, going for a realistic look, it's also harder to make out the details on screen. It needs to be mentioned that older expansions commonly recycled old artwork, while new sets (well, "new" like since Old Gods) usually have completely new artwork.

    I can see what might bother you. Still, your examples are cherry picking, and I could name dozens of newer cards that are not on the silly side. I can't argue with your impression, but it feels you are little unfair, and mostly upset that artworks featuring prominent characters are not matching your preferences.

    Keep in mind how subjective the topic is. I know someone who had the exact same sentiments already during Descent of Dragons, that all the dragons would look "chibi" (yes, he seriously said that), and in all honesty, I can't even begin to figure out how Murozond the Infinite or Deathwing, Mad Aspect aren't enough "badass dragon" for you. Bright colors, but especially with Murozond, I think it actually enhances the otherworldly vibe.

    I am totally with you, that art is an important part of video games, but even if we say that Hearhtstone has changed substantially, it's a different question (and probably comes down to taste) if it really has changed for the worse. Personally, I'm fine with it still. There are some artworks I like, some I don't, in every set new and old. There's enough variety that goofy gnomes and the like don't irk me. And there are only very few that really bother me.

    Either way, I wouldn't discuss this in terms of "quality", because quality usually means craftsmanship, while you are (I assume) mostly lamenting the style, like the intensity of colors and shades, or the cartoonish look. But darker pictures are not automatically more sophisticated. If you don't like it or like is less, that doesn't mean "art quality is suffering".

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     If there was some good dragon synergy, it it had taunt or... something, I might actually consider it and enjoy the mirror matches. But that's all going to rotate anyway, and I won't add a 7 mana 8/8 just for stats to my deck (which it would otherwise be 99% of the time).

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    posted a message on Why is Antonidas leaving Standard? And Frostbolt?
    Quote from ShadowAldrius >>

    Nobody said there's no more burst anymore, but it is evident, that burst is clearly and severely reduced across all classes, to a level where most classes get significantly slower, and some might even give up on aggressive strategies altogether. It's not impossible to die to an empty or small board, but it will be a whole lot less common.

    What classes are going to give up their aggressive strategies? Demon Hunter? Hunter? Rogue? Mage? Rogue, Demon Hunter and Hunter still have weapons, Hunter still has it's hero power. They're not going to stop being aggressive.

    Mage has less burn (for now) but it has a lot of spell damage cards to make that burn go far. And Ras Frostwhisper is still an incredibly strong card for face damage.

    Warlock and Druid will no longer be spell damage classes I suppose. But Druid actually has more ways to go face now with feral attacks than it did with a lot of it's burn spells. And they're far more efficient. Double moonlit amulet with solar eclipse is 12 face damage. Feral Rage is another 4 each. Pounce is 2 for 0.

    Also removing burn cards from core means there's room to print new ones in new sets.

    Alexstrasza is also basically a new Ragnaros really. Giving a lot of decks that haven't had that extra little damage push to end games what they need to finish off a struggling opponent. But it won't be from getting double Eviscerate off of a secret passage on turn 6. It'll be from an expensive card on turn 9.

     I didn't want to go too far into individual class discussion since it would be deserving its own topic, and it is a bit of speculation since we don't know what the next expansion looks like, and would likely predict the meta wrongly if we knew anyway, but fine...

    I certainly did not talk about Demon Hunter and Rogue. When I say "most classes", I obviously don't mean "all classes", and "some" only "might" give up playing aggressive. I would have assumed it goes without saying that Rogue and Demon Hunter have enough tools to remain as aggressive as they are now. I even mentioned DH specifically having a good amount of burst left. It honestly feels a bit like you are playing dumb here, just for the sake of it, but perhaps you felt like I'm overlooking something. So, if you want me to say that DH and Rogue are still aggressive classes, sure, consider it said. Moving on. 

    I think Hunter will be one of the classes that slows down. When the best weapon hits for 2, and there's nothing like Toxic Reinforcements, Dragonbane, Unleash, KC etc., there isn't much hope in closing games before your opponent can stabilize. The hero power pushes the class to play aggressively, so any Midranger Hunter is still more about sustained pressure, but I think the "Face Hunter" thing might actually disappear.

    Same with Shaman: Because of Inara Stormcrash and Doomhammer, the class might actually be in a good position to pursue an aggressive playstyle, and (nature) spell damage + Lightning Bolt is perhaps enough to close games out after weapon damage, but without Lava Burst and the Wrath of Air Totem, you have less reach and need more (expensive) cards for lots of damage. The Token playstyle is pretty much dead with every (temporary) board buff rotating out.

    Paladin isn't changing much, and actually gets stronger. But I can't take it seriously, when someone claims that Libram or Pure Paladin is an "aggressive" deck, lest they want to declare anything aggressive that summons minions before turn 6. The deck is as Midrange as it can get, in my opinion.

    Druid, I think will actually stop being aggressive. Maybe the Token playstyle does survive, but with Savage Roar being the main finisher, and Blessing of the Ancients rotating as well, I feel Power of the Wild and Arbor Up just isn't good enough to keep it alive, but I might be wrong there.
    The "feral" attacks in Druid could potentially be used for face damage, but here I go with history: Druid had these kind of cards very often, for long periods of time, and never used them this way. I think the only time when Druid hero attacks were somewhat scary was during the time of Malfurion the Pestilent. Slamming a bunch of one-time attacks at the face doesn't seem like a good win condition to me, especially in a class that already lacks good removal. And I definitely wouldn't go so far to rate them superior to Malygos combos.

    I am not certain about Mage and Warlock. Warlock has some wide-board synergy left, but no Sea Giant. Some discard stuff, but can they really get enough pressure on the board? Without Soulfire, there's essentially no way to win without board advantage, and Zoo isn't particularly good (or rather: not outstanding) already.

    Mage, on the other hand, has some burst damage left, but way less overall, requiring more of a build-up than pushing damage whenever it's possible or convenient. Even if a focus on Spell Damage remains a good strategy, I think it will slow down as well. Aegwynn, the Guardian will help significantly with consistency, though.

    Finally, I think Warrior is gonna drop any aggressive style for the time being. What is left for face damage can not be utilized like explosive Pirate builds of previous metas, and the Enrage deck is dropping out as well. Maybe a midrange Warrior is possible, more like new Hunter decks, perhaps with a bigger emphasis on Weapon buffs (Nitroboost, Krastinov), but even that I struggle imagining. Again, kind of like Zoolock, it's not a great build now, with more useful cards still around.


    Now, I can't predict the future, so I admit: Yes, sure they can release new burst cards as well. I don't think they will, or else they could have just left these cards in the Core set. I take the Core set as a statement that they wanted less and more expensive burst in the next year of Standard. For the time being, I assume that Barrens won't give us many unconditional damage spells for less than 4 or 5 mana, if any. And a 9 mana "basically Ragnaros" has to be viewed in context: Ragnaros was, at times, actually good enough in some decks with all the old burst options. Now, those options are (mostly) gone, and your opponent might have 5-10 more health on average in such situations. And decks relying on a 8, 9 or 10 mana finisher to win are on a different level than decks with Leeroy being the most expensive card, and can hardly be called "aggressive".

    In case I haven't made it clear enough already, I think there will still be aggressive decks. But under these circumstances, and unless Barrens just adds all the stuff again that was just tossed out, I think many (but not all) classes will shift more to a midrange style, as they need to rely more on board advantage than burst.


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    posted a message on what happens to 2021 core set cards in 2022?

    The devs haven't been too specific about this yet, partially because it is still a whole year down the line, but we can assume that you will not keep any of the Core cards rotating, and that new cards. should they rotate as well (like Nordrassil Druid) would become available for crafting.

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    Quick list of burst cards that are leaving (excluding a few bad ones like Drain Life):

    Demon Hunter: Glaivebound Adept, Twin Slice, Wrathscale Naga, Altruis the Outcast, Shadowhoof Slayer, Inner Demon
    Druid: Savage Roar, Swipe, Druid of the Claw (loses Charge), Starfire, Moonfire
    Hunter: Kill Command, Huffer, Tundra Rhino, Unleash the Hounds, Eaglehorn Bow
    Mage: Arcane Missiles, Frostbolt, Pyroblast, and Archmage Antonidas for generating more Fireballs
    Paladin: Hammer of Wrath, Holy Wrath, Avenging Wrath
    Rogue: Eviscerate, Shiv
    Shaman: Flametongue Totem, Bloodlust, Lava Burst
    Warlock: Soulfire (after Doomguard and Power Overwhelming were sacked a long time ago already)
    Warrior: Kor'kron Elite, Arcanite Reaper, Heroic Strike, Mortal Strike, Upgrade!, Rampage, Inner Rage
    Neutral: every single minion with Charge, further reducing the burst potential of buff spells

    Yes, there are a few cards with burst remaining and (re-)introduced, including, that Priest gets some options now. You could argue that Alexstrasza the Life-Binder is a neutral (and strangely better) King Krush, but then again, King Krush was very rarely featured in Hunter decks before. Along with some cards from last year, there seems to be a bigger emphasis on Spell Damage, to make the remaining burst spells more impactful. And yes, Demon Hunter keeps some options for face damage as well. Get over it, the hate train is starting to get embarassing.

    Nobody said there's no more burst anymore, but it is evident, that burst is clearly and severely reduced across all classes, to a level where most classes get significantly slower, and some might even give up on aggressive strategies altogether. It's not impossible to die to an empty or small board, but it will be a whole lot less common.

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    posted a message on Are there core cards you are very unhappy to see ?
    Quote from Biomass >>


    They managed to fuck my favorite card up. Yes it has been unplayable for years, but why say you want to bring back Shadow Priest and nerf its symbolic card? What a bunch of morons.

     How is reducing the cost (from 3 to 2) nerfing the card? It may be as unplayable as ever, but how is it worse than before?

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    posted a message on My Hero - Shaman - is gone

    This sounds more than a little strange. If you wanted to unlock Demon Hunter, you'd have to complete the Prologue in the Solo Adventure menu. It's not too difficult and shouldn't take long.

    But this is the first time I've heard something like this happen as well.

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    posted a message on i am a little confused. . .

    I assume Classic packs will be renamed to Legacy, but remain in the store. As the set goes to Wild, packs should be available as well.

    But it was already announced that there'll be no more Classic packs from Tavern Brawls. We'll get current expansion packs instead.

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    posted a message on Are there core cards you are very unhappy to see ?

    Really having mixed feelings about the Core set. 

    I like parts of it. Some cards are pretty cool, some are strange additions (Baron Rivendare???), some cards are actually a bit scary. But I like many of the buffs and changes, I like most of Paladin's set, and I like Aegwynn, the Guardian.

    I'm a bit disappointed though that Warrior, or Control Warrior specifically, is not changing at all, and keeps pretty much everything but Shield Block, which gets replaced by Shieldmaiden. I really grew tired of the same playstyle with the same cards year after year, and it's gonna be around for yet another one.

    Also disappointed that Natalie Seline will continue to be the Priest legendary, as the only one I actually wanted to see replaced. I didn't like it from the day it was revealed, as it has 0 synergy with any of the class mechanics and cards. King Krush at least supports Hunter's aggressive style, but Natalie just kills a minion, and that's it. Might as well be a neutral. No plan, no strategy, just another destroy-effect for which Priest has enough other options.

    I'm not happy to see Big Game Hunter staying and buffed. At 4 mana, I think it's a good enough tech that we will see 7+ attack minions mostly disappearing again. Not that I could name prominent 7+ attack minions now, but it is a pretty strong tech choice again. And there's still a lot of really bad cards in the set, particularly the vanillas that get outclasses in the very same set, but I expected as much, so I can't say I'm too unhappy about that. Disappointing, but expected.

    There's more cards I'm missing, really, which bothers me. Burst is significantly reduced, which is fine generally, but with Warrior and especially Warlock looking SO heavily geared up for control, it feels slightly unbalanced. Hunter's set looks pretty lame in particular, especially compared with Demon Hunter. Considering both classes are supposed to be aggressive, Demon Hunter way outclasses Hunter in that regard. Beasts are barely even being a thing anymore. And while Shaman got some small buffs, I don't have much hope for it. Also, I find it so weird that there's some base synergy for every minion type, even Mechs, but none for Elementals.

    But I guess what bugs me the most, is that I have no idea how Druid is supposed to win games. They have 0 burst, 0 board clearing, 0 card generation (still-nerfed Nourish aside) and only very weak single target removal. I really like Nordrassil Druid (one of my favorite new cards in the set even), but every other class has some sort of win condition or a baseline strategy to follow, while Druid really doesn't have anything remarkable going for them. Summon tokens, see them destroyed every turn, concede. 8 mana Cenarius is nice and all, but actually winning games...?

    Also, Druid is the only class in the entire set with 0 cards interacting/synergizing with its hero power, and that's after I hoped it would get a new hero power altogether, already being arguably the worst in the game with no contribution to any proper playstyle. I mean, Warlock and Hunter also don't get a specific synergy card, but they at least have more of a gameplan attached to theirs.

    So, I'm overall looking forward to it, but some classes definitely got more than others, which just feels wrong. Problem of Classic was that some classes kept needing strong support because of their weak baseline. The Core set could have fixed that problem, but didn't really in my opinion. Sure, it's only for the next year, and it might look different with expansions, but as far as the baseline is concerned, Classes are not all on the same level.

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    posted a message on Spell Schools - Deckbuilding Got Buffed?
    Quote from TallStranger >>

     Sorry, but I don't think I agree. If the number of cards per expansion remains the same, and the number of playable decks increases, then by necessity there must be either: a) a high number of overlapping cards (i.e. cards that work in many different playable decks); or b) relatively few "key" cards for a given deck. In either case, f2p and "casuals" should come out ahead.

    Of the two, my suspicion is that the latter is more likely, as option a) would seem to run counter to the point of specialized spells. I could see, though, something like a card that says "when you cast a spell, discover a spell from the same school" (or "gain a random spell from the same school"). In fact, I'd bet some card like that will be printed.

    It's hard to be precise about the development of deck costs, because there are few sources that let you actually analyze this stuff. VS has archived Data Reapers, but they only started around 2016, and you usually can't see old deck lists anymore. Hearthpwn has so many decks for so many things that it's hard to track down specifc deck lists that were popular at a given time. Tempostorm has also an archive, but it's really terrible to navigate. Nobody really felt like poperly documenting the history of Hearthstone's metagame.

    But anyway, I think it could be proven to a certain extent that deck costs have gone up over time. From my own experience, decks used to cost like maybe 4k, 5k, rarely more, while few modern decks stay under 6k, with many going to 8, 10 and some even beyond. I think the so called "Wallet Warrior" was about the only deck that actually went over 10k for a long time. In this meta alone, we have at least 3 decks easily crossing that line (Ramp Paladin, Highlander Priest, Quest Warlock) and you can add a few more.

    And I think the biggest contributing factor was 2 class legendaries per expansion, starting in Un'goro. If you go through some old metas (as far as possible), you'll notice that the number of key legendaries was usually rather small. A lot of the legendaries in older expansions were straight up bad, including the class ones (with few expansions). The good ones were oftentimes neutral, more like "generally good", and didn't change often, like Bloodmage Thalnos, Ragnaros the Firelord, Leeroy Jenkins, Dr. Boom, Patches the Pirate etc. They were usually good to have, but rarely the driving force of a deck, or impossible to replace.

    Since 2017, legendaries are frequently essential to decks. Not only, because they are both much more impactful on their own, and virtually impossible to replace, such as Sunkeeper Tarim, Jandice Barov, Lord Barov, Soulciologist Malicia, Ysera, Unleashed, Dragonbane, and half of the Deathknigh hero cards. They are also more commonly the sole reason to play a deck, either being a single win condition, or the one card that turns everything around. Quests and Highlander cards are obvious examples, but we've seen something similar recently with Nozdormu the Timeless and High Abbess Alura

    Also, more frequently in modern HS, legendaries come with with strong synergies with epics or other legendaries. Obvious cases are Highlander decks again, Galakrond decks (making Kronx Dragonhoof mandatory), but there's also examples like Sayge, Seer of Darkmoon coming with Rigged Faire Game and Occult Conjurer. Other examples are Khadgar and Power of Creation, Blastmaster Boom and Wrenchcalibur (and strongly supported by Dr. Boom, Mad Genius, Omega Devastator and Zilliax), or Tickatus with Cascading Disaster and Y'Shaarj, the Defiler. Due to high rarity cards being more impactful, class specifc and oftentimes playing very specific and important roles, it's not uncommon anymore to see them in "packages" where it's pointless to have one without the other.


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    posted a message on So What's the Complaint This Time?

    Not sure why you even ask this. I would rather see less controversies than asking what more we could have. But then again, I don't like coffee either. Different tastes and all. 

    Also, I'm not sure how I feel about this topic. It feels a bit like you want to ridicule any sort of complaint, like "what are the never happy trolls gonna bring up this time?". Sure, some might seem silly (as Tickatus) but I could imagine people getting upset about too many bugs, if they become too frequent, which I think would actually be serious.

    But whatever... that thought just crossed my mind and I already wrote the rest of this, so I might as well proceed.

    Obvious issue, as always, will be "balance", starting with 90% of people not even having an idea of what they actually mean with balance. The expansion is either way too powerful, or way too weak, the meta either changing not at all or some Druid/Shaman/Warlock whatever deck is "broken" again, and should have never been made, and was "obviously" not tested at all, and needs to get nerfed immediately. Something about "aggro" or "otk" being "braindead" will "ruin the game" again for sure, as we are about to have "the worst meta ever" like every other expansion. But that's about as predictable as sunrise. 

    Obviously, some people won't like the core set for some reason. Shaman being too weak, Druid too strong, Demon Hunter too existing, and Rogue not even having full board clears and healing. And people are going to act like the Core Set is the new Classic that's gonna be around forever. I fully expect comments like "this is clearly limiting design space".

    Someone will probably be mad about Duels changing, with new Heroes getting new requirements to unlock hero powers and such. But then again, it's Duels, so it won't be a very hot topic.

    To make a more spicy prediction: I could imagine some big monetization in Mercenaries, and people won't like it, like selling individual mercenaries/characters to unlock for the mode. 

    Then again, the discussions will always be the same anyway: "Don't like it, don't play it", "Blizzard is a company, and companies are supposed to make money", and some "greedy" and "entitled" sprinkled in there somewhere.

    Maybe that's why I don't find the topic that interesting. These issues always always get cooked so long, until you have the same few lines remaining on the bottom of the pot, so each controversy has the same taste and flavor, kind of like fast food: too much fat, too much salt.

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    posted a message on Full golden decks in low rank wild.

    If they are indeed all Standard cards, it could just be a golden Whizbang the Wonderful. He'll automatically give a player a Standard deck (from the deck recipes) and if Whizbang is golden, so will be the entire deck.

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    posted a message on Returning Player advice?

    I honestly don't know exactly what happens when you are a "returning player". More specifically, I don't know if you are prompted to pick a free deck immediately, or if you can wait for it to get updated. Since you have no interest in Wild, I wouldn't pick a deck that features cards from Year of the Dragon (many of which you might have already anyway). I hope someone knows better how that works.

    The packs thing that was mentioned is also not really clear to me. It might be more beneficial to wait.

    However, there are also reasons to get back to the game before the next patch:

    Demon Hunter will no longer be obtained through the prologue, and the Initial set (or large parts of it) will rotate. I assume that after the patch, you can no longer get the full initial set from completing the Prologue.

    Also, getting back into the game now, you can pick up some of the early rewards from the reward track, namely the free Darkmoon legendaries at level 1 and level 25 (which you should be able to get to in the remaining time). Reward tracks are tied to an expansion, so the current one will run out once the new set comes out. (Sidenote: You should probably read up on all the changes regarding in-game rewards, quests, packs and ladder... a few things have changed over the last year)

    Some general advice (about decks, packs, catching up strategy) was mentioned here earlier today: https://www.hearthpwn.com/forums/hearthstone-game-modes/standard-format/247591-blast-from-the-past#c5


    About Duels: I hate to say this, but Duels is not a good mode for new or returning players, especially for those who don't like Wild at all. The way Duels works, is that you pick a class, a hero power, and a starting treasure. Hero powers and treasures are (currently!) locked behind having a lot of cards from Scholomance Academy and Darkmoon Faire. Then you build a deck of 16 cards, which will also include several Wild sets (like Naxxramas and Old Gods, currently).

    So, without basically any cards from last year, you won't have many deckbuilding options in Duels, and depending on whether or not you still have your old cards from Wild sets, you might also feel like not having what you need for the mode. To give you an example: One hero power (for each class) is unlocked by having a legendary of that class from Scholomance only. One of the starting treasuers is unlocked by having 150 unique (!!) cards from Darkmoon Faire. It's not that essential to have specific cards in your collection, or specific hero powers, just to have fun (or do well, even) in Duels, but the mode feels a bit shit when your options appear rather limited.

    I personally would recommend Battlegrounds more, though I know some people don't like it very much. It's just a pretty nice mode to play casually, since it has no entry fees, no collection requirements, and the few "perks" you can purchase are not essential at all. Also, it's arguably the best way to get exp.


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    posted a message on Blast From the Past

    I guess, when you already have Ivory, the Mini-Set is a more debatable purchase. In terms of dust per gold, just for min-maxing, it's still worth it. And depending on what other cards you have or have not, it's still a good collection booster.

    But you are right that it's not a priority, especially when the next expansion is more or less right around the corner, which will have a mini-set of its own eventually. Might as well sit it out.

    As for Jandice: No question that Jandice is a strong card in both Rogue and Mage. What I meant to say is that she's not essential for fast Rogue decks (like the list I have linked) to work. And as Highlander Mage will likely end with the rotation, and Spell Mage benefiting more from Raz than Jandice, I would hesitate recommending the craft for the time being. Quite possible that she'll be a good pick for future Rogue and Mage lists as well, but that remains to be seen, and just for the purpose of climbing with either Rogue or Mage, it's not necessary in my opinion.

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    posted a message on Blast From the Past

    I would encourage you to read this here: https://www.hearthpwn.com/forums/hearthstone-general/general-discussion/247418-darkmoon-coin-for-2000-gold#c1

    I know it's a bit long, but it gives you some idea about how to (slowly) catch up. Not a fast solution you are asking for, but since you want to get back into the game, that is the kind of strategy I would recommend.

    Also, I'd probably recommend buying the Darkmoon mini-set for 2000 gold over Phoenix packs. You know what you get, some cards are really good, and in a long term perspective, it gives you a very good deal in terms of dust.


    As for decks you can try: I recently came across this deck here: https://www.hearthpwn.com/decks/1377651-old-guardians-top-1000-legend-budget-mage

    While I expect it takes a bit of patience to climb with it, the general idea behind the deck is solid. And it is meant to somewhat counter Stealth Aggro Rogue, which you'll see a lot of (the most popular deck on lower ranks right now).

    Of course, the very same Rogue deck is also a good option, and also a relatively cheap. An example would be this here: https://www.vicioussyndicate.com/decks/flinger-aggro-rogue/

    While commonly used legendaries like Doctor Krastinov and Jandice Barov are not that essential, Secret Passage most certainly is. If you want to play an aggressive Rogue deck, that card is as critical as it can get.

    The Token Druid already mentioned by D-Lord (this one: https://www.hearthpwn.com/decks/1377043-gibberling-token-druid ) is ok, though I personally find the deck a bit too fragile. You can find yourself knocked out too easily, once your board advantage is gone.

    I would advise against Face/Aggro Hunter, as some core cards for that deck will rotate soon, such as Phase Stalker and Toxic Reinforcements.


    EDIT: Regarding the bonus stars in Ranked (Wild and Standard):

    It has nothing to do with "distribution" but your "internal MMR". Both modes track your MMR (Match-making rank) seperately, and depending on how high it is, the modes give you a star bonus to reach the rank you should have according to the game. Reaching a higher league or improving your MMR over time by maintaining a high winrate will result in a better star bonus next season.

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