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    My last game with Omu I had a Chef Nomi on turn 5 and took an Elemental build to 1st.  Bob was nice to me right from turn 1 (2x sellementals).

    I find usually that I focus on stats early game and the right trade offs to level at the optimal times. Then I try to get some sort of mid-game build synergy going often instigated by a good T4 card.  But I am looking for the T5/T6 cards to shift to whatever late game build I can.  Of course Bob often misdirects me with one good card then nothing more.

    You can finish top 4 a lot with a strong mid game build < the top 20% MMR, but if you want more 1st place finishes you need to be looking to transition to a solid late game build as early as possible and/or get lucky.  But I find the top finishes often come when the late game build leverages my mid game.

    The higher your MMR the better you have to be at the late game.  Unfortunately your low MMR games don't really teach you to emphasize on this.  You kinda have to make your way up then ask yourself why you keep losing now.  It likely comes down to 1) not properly focusing on stats and the optimal leveling points early and 2) you really haven't learned the art of the late game yet.

    But Heros do matter huge.


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    posted a message on Battlegrounds Pepper Thread - Happy Moments
    Quote from Koozje >>

    My first real try at pirate exodia :) 

     Nice.  I was able to get Pretzel Mustard with that build. 

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    posted a message on New Priest/Warlock Card "Hysteria"

    I hate this card and the endless loop it enables. This just seems a big oops.

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    posted a message on What Is Your Favorite From The New Cards?
    Quote from Pherosizm >>

    Best new card for me is without question Conjure Mana Biscuit!

    I dusted off my cyclone mage from Scholomance and have been loving every second of it.

    I've also seen some people doing Mozaki mage OTKs in wild and it's been pretty exciting.

    I'm surprised this is the first time we've seen a card referencing mage's unique ability to create food and drink from WoW in HS. Unless there was one and I missed it.

    Brings me back to the good old days of minding my own business standing in town and some rando coming up to me and asking for food.

    ... peasants.

     This card has indeed been interesting.  I have been playing around with a damage only Wild Mage and I got a turn 4 kill vs Warlock with only an Imprisoned Phoenix (turn 2) and a Flamewaker (turn3) on the board. I played 2x Conjure Mana Biscuit and then played the 2x Mana Biscuit, 1x Coin, 1x Cram Session, 1x Arcane Missiles and 1x Frostbolt then attacked with Flamewaker (he did 2 damage to himself on turn 2). 

    Funny part is on his turn 4 he cursed my Flamewaker so he had only one shot to make a difference.  Flamewaker did 18 of the 28 with 8 from Conjure Mana Biscuits... it was pretty savage.

    I really like Imprisoned Phoenix as well.  It allows me to spend the needed mana to get the +2 spell damage a couple of turns early allowing more mana to be allocated to damage spells 2 turns later.

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    posted a message on Be careful opening packs.

    So I saved 2 packs for fun.  I bought the new set for 2k gold and then opened my packs.  I got a Legendary in the first pack.... and then 2 more in the second.

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    posted a message on What the...

    The left most one is golden already.

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    posted a message on Patch 19.3 Discussion

    Have no idea what changed except the Immortal T6 is now 4/4.  I don't see any details of the patch posted on play hearthstone.com yet.

    Nevermind I see it now.  Not sure why out of order. 

    Elistra the Immortal is the only BG change and the patch name is 19.2.1.

    Not enough to discuss here, feel free to delete.

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    posted a message on New to Battlegrounds.. I have a question

    Triples are very important. 

    At first it may seem like a game totally based on luck.  Then, as you learn some of the key strategies you start to build MMR and learn that skill really matters.  But as you rise higher and play more skilled opponents applying solid strategy and making fewer mistakes the game returns to be more luck dependent. But there are many of these transition points along the way as your experience and strategy improve. 

    For me, once I get myself to the top 10% or so, I stop climbing. That says to me that that pool of people on average plays more optimally than I do... They know some things I don't yet.

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    posted a message on Patch 19.2 discussion

    Let's have a discussion on the 19.2 patch after having some time to review.  I will start with a collection of my thoughts.

    Embrace the taunt.  The tribeless taunt mechanics are viable in multiple builds and Elistra the Immortal is an excellent card.  The downside is that pure single tribe builds like Pirates take a pretty big hit incorporating any of these as they need many of the same tribe.  The upside is that having these tribeless core cards allows you to more easily pivot in different directions when the winds change.

    New Heros (I haven't watched any streams yet so if there are ways to better use these out there I'd love to hear them)

    C'Thun is probably the best of the Old Gods.  You have to use his power almost every turn, particularly early.  The boosted stats stick permanently so it's not so bad having only a few minions early game due to spending on the hero power since they will each get significantly boosted.  I have only played him twice so far and liked him, but I don't know that he's a top 5 hero but likely top 10.

    N'Zoth I am not quite sure on yet.  I have only played with him twice.  The first didn't go well but the second I got 2nd place.  I think he probably needs Mechs in the game to be viable.  He also has a really weak body, so consider ways of boosting him (I put the +2/+2 every turn spell on him and divine shield).  When I finished 2nd he was dropping a legendary, a 8/8 and 3 pirates near the end of the game.  Though from the wording, I must say I was very dissapointed that he didn't keep them turn to turn.

    Y'Shaarj is a weird one.  I want to think he has promise but I think my best is 4th.  Early game I like him but once I have a full board of boosted minions he is less usable.  I am thinking once at tier 6 and maybe 5 he may be worth it again.  Clearing the space for the summoned minion does enable an extra tavern refresh.  But I am not certain he's worth playing yet.

    Heros that improved

    George the Fallen is pretty awesome right now.  The divine shield for 2 in this meta is very strong.  I play him almost every chance I get and have won with him with multiple builds including Elementals.  This is a good hero to shoot for first with.

    The Great Akazamzarak is back and is kicking serious butt.  In this meta, when the difference between 6&7 and 3&4 is often1 turn, even just the Ice Block secret can get you from a losing spot to a winning spot.  He is best early game before your board fills up but is still useful throughout the game.   I am not sure how often he will get you to first, but he's going to get you into the top 4 often.

    Patches gets a strong boost with his hero power reducing to 3 from 4.  This is enabling early game and can get you a good pirate build early to carry you for a while.  But I think that Pirates really struggle late game now so I don't think you will finish 1st a lot with him but you should be top 4.

    Zephyrs got a little better but I am not sure yet whether it's enough.  Though I am intrigued to hold on to some of the activations for late game combo'd with Faceless Taverngoer for any triple from a single T6 in Bob's tavern.  But I have not played him yet so I don't yet have a good feel for how good he is now.

    I'm sitting at 5,800 currently  so I am doing decent but lots of room to improve.



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    posted a message on New to Battlegrounds.. I have a question

    Welcome to Battlegrounds.  If ladder is like a chess match, BG is more like hunger games high as fck on coke playing on a freeway.  It is a game of adaptability, of shifting between quantum and Newtonian states at any time.  It's not for everyone, you will either see and get addicted to the faster, more dynamic game play and meta or you will call it casino time and avoid it like the plague.

    Hero's and stats are the keys once you learn all of the cards and how to remodel the house on a seconds notice. There is a stat curve for each player.  If you stay on any tier too long it flattens out.  Every time you spend gold to level you get a flatline before gaining again.  Learn when to level up under what conditions to maintain the fastest rise over time. Watch some streams on YouTube to learn faster.  I'd recommend Kripp mainly because it's fascinating to me that you can play him back on 1.5x speed and his voice is still too deep.  Plus his reflective intros have nuggets of good info.

    Unfortunately if you do watch some streams, you will find out Bob is a whore.  I went months thinking he was my bro, always had the right words of encouragement ready for me at the right times and giving me back hope in my darkest hours.  Turns out the mf says the same fake slutty lines to everyone else.  Fck you Bob, we ain't bros!

    Stay ahead of everyone else on the stat curve and look for divine shield, poison if in a good body and that new tier 6 Immortal girl.  Simple, right?

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    posted a message on Automatic being 2nd place

    It got me too.  Got down to me and another guy.  We tied 2 or maybe 3 matches while I had almost no life and he had lots.  Then I turned the advantage and did 22 damage to him.  There was no start to the next turn, instead the game immediately ended with me taking 2nd.

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    posted a message on BG’s Getting to 9K- A Guide Part 7 - Nomi, its not that simple...

    I need a guide mapping the priority of right choices for the first 6 turns to put you in a good spot to launch an end game strategy (without an early game focused Hero).  I am missing some key concepts I believe... that or Hero choice is far to dominant in this format. 

    I am currently floating between 7400-7800 but was 8300 a week or two back.  I am not sure if something the the meta changed the last couple weeks that I did not adapt to or whether I just got lumped in with better players I need to up my game for.

    I also need to reduce my dependency on Elementals by developing my skills with the other tribes.  I have been too dependent on the Majordomo + Cycle combo.  I have improved with Pirates but still detest having to play Demons and Murlocs.

    The getting to 8k guide seems dated.  It does not discuss Elementals.  It also states there are no tier 4 minions to build around.  But for me, I am searching T4 for a few key ones like Majordomo to give me direction for at least a mid game build that I can hopefully take late game.  Is this incorrect, should I be going to T5 as soon as possible?

    I've never really used Twitch but can look into it. 

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    posted a message on Roping as a strategy?

    I only rope under 1 condition.  If a my opponent has obviously abused his allotted time for several turns at my expense I will rope him every turn win or lose.  Respect is a 2 way street.  One or two turns can be forgiven, more than that is purposeful.

    But there's no time abusing attention whores in Battlegrounds and so I now mostly play that.

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    posted a message on One Game for a Top 3

    Galakrond would be my choice as well.  I think he has been giving me the most consistent too 4 and most consistent 1st place finishes, though I usually high roll.  I should try the turn 1 T2.

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    posted a message on The Battlegrounds Salt Thread

    Well I guess it is my turn for a bad streak.  This is nuts. I have slowly and steadily climbed up to 8300 then floated between that and 7800 for a good week now.  Today I dropped from 8250 to 7400 on a streak of terrible placings.  I am not sure I have finished too 4 today.  I haven't changed strategies at all, just nothing seems to go my way.  Very frustrating.

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