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    Played 5 games, won 3. Both losses were against a no duplicate priest... really hard match-up. I think if I replaced all the big spells for tempo cards with potential to go face this could be an easy win but with no aoe clears, aggro matchups can be quite tough.

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     This is the deck I plan on playing after the expansion is live. I'll share data on how it went. 

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    Death Knight

    Back when Knights of the Frozen Throne expansion came out, I was really disappointed as a big fan of the Warcraft franchise and an avid Hearthstone player that Blizzard decided not to implement an additional class. In my book the KotFT content never did the Death Knight player fantasy justice - so much potential was wasted back then. UI/UX limitations were always an issue with this I suppose (among other reasons). Now with the recent Demon Hunter announcement, I am wondering if the game's fundamental design space was opened up for even more character classes down the line. I sure hope so. I mean, when a new class was to be introduced, it made sense to pursue the Demon Hunter since the Death Knight player fantasy was sort of already explored. Anyhow, I decided to take matters into my own hands for now and designed a set of my own, a full-fledged Death Knight class. This is more of a starting point for further iterative work, an early draft if you will. All of the cards seen here would require a lot of playtesting if they were to be ever implemented into the game. Designing this set to keep it in line with the current Death Knight related content implemented was quite a challenge. I didn't want to reuse any cards, be it text or art nor to render them less meaningful in any way, shape, or form (even the ones from older/rotated out sets).

    I tried to push boundaries with the designs, some cards are bound to be potentially game breaking - that is fine, I'd rather experiment and do something new and interesting, even if the entire set is scrapped after playtesting - an interesting gameplay aspect might emerge that can be further explored.

    The permanent effect of Unholy Presence might prove to be problematic and as a result, will probably have to be further iterated upon into something like ‘Deal 1 damage to your hero and give it +2 Attack until the next time it attacks.‘ (2 mana). Still, I really want to prototype the initial 'bonkers' one and perhaps the playtesting sessions will give birth to something different and equally interesting.

    Blood Presence probably needs an additional effect like 'If not used, restore 1 Health to your hero.'.





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    Quote from Zulfurlubak >>

    You are talking about Mage or Rogue, did I guess right?

     No, DH - probably about Altruis' power spike.

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    Quote from SanityBox >>

    Nice guide, deserves more attention. But you are far from being safe with 10 health after clearing opponent's board if your opponent used a skull during the game and didn't yet Altruis yet... discounted kayn, glaivebound, warglaives, chaos strike & metamorphosis with slices also can reach 10 in one turn.

     I am very aware and that is exactly what I meant: The sentence is a follow-up to:

    "If you have him in hand do NOT be tempted to play him early on, you want to save him for when you're really behind to turn the game around and push for that lethal. "

    After your opponent plays Altruis, you're rather safe that is why you don't want to play Altruis first usually, unless you really have to or see A REALLY BIG TEMPO SWING potential that can be followed up by a lethal next turn.

    The sentence after clearly states that you want to use Altruis second, which relates to being safe at 10 HP.

    Perhaps it was clear in my head and I could have gotten the point across in a better manner. Added a slight tweak, cheers.

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    Would love to hear some feedback in regards to the hero power potential revamp, feel free to throw some ideas at me as well.

    Also, what do you think about the new cards and the ones I tweaked?

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    So, I've tried all kinds of decks, Highlander, Tempo, Big Demon - aggro seems to be the most powerful one right now, given the state of metagame. On top of that, the games are obviously much quicker so I can get more wins in. 

    This is the list I've been running, you can find a lengthy guide there with some of my insight that I gathered about the class: https://www.hearthpwn.com/decks/1344069-devizzs-legend-aggro-dh-70-win-ratio-w-guide

    I'd be happy to hear from other legend players how they feel about DH, what do you think is the most powerful archetype as of right now?

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    Quote from rss8090 >>

    Too complicated.

    Make it simple

    2 mana  cost hero power: freeze a minion

    Then all the DK cards the lich king/arfus has right now but just modify the cost and effect

    Done. Viola Dk class

     That sounds extremely boring tbh.

    Anyhow, I've tweaked the class a bit, added more cards. Any feedback would be appreciated. 

    Considering the HP revamp but I want to keep the following:

    - Random swap each turn with a pool of X hero powers (3 seems like the most optimal number).

    - Permanent (but slow) gain in power. 

    Was thinking of tweaking the HP to look something like this: ”Deal 1 damage to your hero and give it +2 Attack until your next attack (stacks).”

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    Bump, anyone from support care to help me out?...

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    So I've made some posts a long time ago that now seem to be deleted, not sure why. Anyhow, I was wondering if its possible to access their content somehow by for example being able to edit them (I am unable to when browsing). I can see replies of other uses but I can't see my INITIAL posts of the thread. 

    Referring to:

    1. https://www.hearthpwn.com/forums/hearthstone-general/fan-creations/215059-legions-wrath-expansion

    2. https://www.hearthpwn.com/forums/hearthstone-general/fan-creations/16462-adventure-concept-assault-on-the-icecrown-citadel 

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    Quote from McF4rtson >>
    Quote from Devizz >>

    All Will Serve is a deck thinner which might not always a good thing if playing against another control deck. Also, you trade 1 card for another which is nothing, for 1 mana - that is is a slight drawback. 

    That is not quite right. 1 mana draw a card is not a drawback, as you are thinning your deck. If you pay 0 mana to draw, that is an insane advantage.

    I  give you the example of the pre-nerfed Flare. It used to be 1 mana and every single Hunter deck ran it since it was just extremely powerful deck thinning. 

    If you look at the old Power Word Shield, technically, it breaks this rule, but it requires a minion to play so therefore, not all Priest decks are able to play this card.

    Furthermore, look at all the control decks in existence in Standard at the moment. Not a single one wins by grinding to fatigue. There is absolutely no reason not to play All Will Serve.

    I am aware of all of what you're writing and I agree but paying 1 mana to potentially play a card that you could have otherwise drawn for 0 mana IS A DRAWBACK. It is a minor one and again, you are correct in your analysis for the most part.

    Quote from ManThighs >>

    Cool ideas but the rotating hero power would never fly. It's way to complicated, it's inconsistent in turns of mana cost, and it scales over time (something a base hero power shouldn't be able to do). That being said, the cards look great, and you have a lot of interesting mechanics and well-designed cards. 

    Thanks for the input. I really wanted to experiment and I feel quite strongly about a more 'complex' default hero power, you could always make this class a hero one or something, much like it is in WoW which means that it would require more player actions/playtime to unlock. 

    The current balance of the permanent upgrade might need tweaking but I would really want to playtest it and iterate it further - the player fantasy of slowly upgrading your hero to be more powerful, much like in deck builders such as Dream Quest/Slay the Spire is very intriguing to me and I really want to explore it further. 

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    Quote from Banur >>

    If you find them boring, I’ll raise you Ashbringer!

     XD Keep in mind that the weapon is part of another, more 'complex' design.

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    Quite possibly the most iconic weapon of the Warcraft franchise, the card itself seems quite boring to be honest.

    I wonder what ideas they played around with during playtesting, here is something I came up with (obviously would have to be iterated upon, an early concept if you will):

    Warglaive of Azzinoth - Epic Weapon

    5 mana Cost

    5 Attack/2 Durability

    Outcast: After you play another Warglaive of Azzinoth this game, add 6/3 Warglaives of Azzinoth to your hand.

    Warglaives of Azzinoth - Legendary Weapon

    8 mana Cost

    6 Attack/3 Durability


    Doesn't lose durability when attacking Demons.

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    Quote from sashashepto >>

    nice to know that this is non-profit

    In the context of posting it on these forums, this might seem like a silly disclaimer but I was reposting. No need to be snide. 

    Quote from KEKW >>

    U are awesome . Can u do a monk project also ?

     Thanks I guess?  :P As for another project, first I'd like to tweak this set more. This was very spontaneous and I doubt I'll do another Hearthstone design brainstorm like this but who knows. Haven't played the game in a long time, the recent Demon Hunter announcement inspired me to play around with some ideas. 

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