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    Death Knight

    Back when Knights of the Frozen Throne expansion came out, I was really disappointed as a big fan of the Warcraft franchise and an avid Hearthstone player that Blizzard decided not to implement an additional class. In my book the KotFT content never did the Death Knight player fantasy justice - so much potential was wasted back then. UI/UX limitations were always an issue with this I suppose (among other reasons). Now with the recent Demon Hunter announcement, I am wondering if the game's fundamental design space was opened up for even more character classes down the line. I sure hope so. I mean, when a new class was to be introduced, it made sense to pursue the Demon Hunter since the Death Knight player fantasy was sort of already explored. Anyhow, I decided to take matters into my own hands for now and designed a set of my own, a full-fledged Death Knight class. This is more of a starting point for further iterative work, an early draft if you will. All of the cards seen here would require a lot of playtesting if they were to be ever implemented into the game. Designing this set to keep it in line with the current Death Knight related content implemented was quite a challenge. I didn't want to reuse any cards, be it text or art nor to render them less meaningful in any way, shape, or form (even the ones from older/rotated out sets).

    I tried to push boundaries with the designs, some cards are bound to be potentially game breaking - that is fine, I'd rather experiment and do something new and interesting, even if the entire set is scrapped after playtesting - an interesting gameplay aspect might emerge that can be further explored.

    The permanent effect of Unholy Presence might prove to be problematic and as a result, will probably have to be further iterated upon into something like ‘Deal 1 damage to your hero and give it +2 Attack until the next time it attacks.‘ (2 mana). Still, I really want to prototype the initial 'bonkers' one and perhaps the playtesting sessions will give birth to something different and equally interesting.

    Blood Presence probably needs an additional effect like 'If not used, restore 1 Health to your hero.'.





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    Disclaimer: This is a fan project that is completely non-profit, all the art assets belong to Blizzard.


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