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    posted a message on Game in the worst state it's ever been

    How did they even manage to break Squelch?! I assume they test patches before releasing them? 


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    posted a message on Now Twitch viewers are getting censored?
    Quote from AAZ >>

    I just want to read some usual stuff such as: "Pog champ, smorc,   lol casters, easy lethal, etc..."
    instead i only see this political hk spam. I mean liberties and all that... But annoys me. 
    I feel like MY rights as a twitch viewer of tournaments are thrashed, so why should it be tolerated?

    Even if your rights were scammed by someone, it's a BAD IDEA to spoil other's people life who haven't done anything to you and might even be loyal to your problem, untill you start doing this annoying spammy stuff.

     Your rights are thrashed because of the free speech of others? Whatever you say, Hitler.

    These are dark days for liberty.

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    posted a message on Blizzard Adjusts and Explains Decision on Blitzchung Affair - With Blitzchung's Reaction

    What I'm reading is the usual Leftist social justice nonsense about being inclusive, diversity, bringing people together, blah blah blah it makes me want to puke.

    Bottom line is this:

    However, the official broadcast needs to be about the tournament and to be a place where all are welcome

    So, what are you saying here? That people who support Xi Jinpei are not feeling welcome because of this message? TOUGH SHIT. They aren't the ones dying in the street fighting against a totalitarian communist government that interns millions of people in concentration camps.

    All this stupid Elizabeth Warren-esque message did was piss me off even more.

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    posted a message on This!

    Plus nobody gives a shit about Wild.

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    posted a message on Let's make all Classic Cards F2P

    Yes and lets get them all 9 golden heroes and 100.000 gold to start off with. That seems fair.

    Got to love the Bernie bros rolling in here demanding free stuff. How about you grind for it just like the rest of us had to?

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    posted a message on Mysterious Big Paladin (rank5 to Legend 65%+)

    I love this deck, but I'm considering swapping out those boring mountain giants.

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    posted a message on New Warrior Card - Dimensional Ripper

    Garbage. Probably see some play in braindead combo decks.

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    posted a message on New Rogue Card - Underbelly Fence

    A 3/4 2 drop?! WTF BLIZZARD

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    posted a message on New Card - Hecklebot

    This fucking thing is going to be in every single deck for the next 2 years. It is an anti combo deck God.

    3/8 also makes it a good Rez Priest card.

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    posted a message on Card Reveal - Jepetto Joybuzz

    Not cool!!! This will cause even more Malygos and Velen Mind Blast bullshit.

    Especially since we now have another mass rez spell...

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