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    posted a message on PSA: Free Arena Ticket - leave an unfinished run before RoS launches

    To clarify, are you saying that if you make an arena run, and for example go 5-2 then stop, you will get the 5 run reward and then still have another arena run after rotation?

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    posted a message on And the best legendary in Standard is...

    Stats such as these can be misleading, especially the "winrate when played." Prince Liam is usually played when you already have the setup for a lot of legendaries, so in general you may already be ahead and more likely to win, thus inflating the winrate. The Soularium suffers the opposite problem since you play it when you're most likely behind, deflating the winrate.

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    Before this list went up I found theo’s list and found it to be the best recruit hunter list. I brought it in my anti control lineup to the battle of the discords tournament and went 5-1 with it to go 5-1 in Swiss and then place 5-8 in bracket play. I don’t 100% agree with the dire frenzy being completely useless (2 of the games it was the only reason I won), but then again I was going out of my way to ban aggro. Might still run it on ladder tho. Great guide and great stream Theo!

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    posted a message on [Game] Name another card that has the same...

    Blessing of King’s

    4 mana paladin spell

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    posted a message on How can i counter nagalock and have a decent result against agro?

    Aggro shaman destroys it

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    posted a message on Extremely Bold Meta Prediction

    I would love to say something about how wild is the dumping ground for blizzard and will be ruled by broken strategies forever. I’m mainly a standard player and have dabbled a little bit in wild (probably about 50 games played), and I keep up with the wild meta from wild streamers and friends who play wild.

    So magic: the gathering has a similar rotation system to hearthstone. A rotation happens and some sets are phased out of standard and to mtg’s version of wild, which is legacy. Legacy, similar to wild, is full of broken decks (for example there are decks that can combo and win by turn one). However, i must disagree with the people who say that wild will be ruled by broken decks and it will become worse and worse. Compared to standard decks, of course wild decks are broken. They have access to a much larger card pool containing far more high power cards than in standard. However, a deck is only “overpowered” compared to the rest of the field. Since all of wild’s competitive decks are extremely powerful, they counterbalance each other. Because of the idea of “everything is OP so it’s fine” is actually seen to be true in mtg. Legacy has a loyal following, despite the legacy decks being far more “broken” than decks in wild. However, mtg also has a playerbase that will only play standard, and not legacy. Because of this, I believe that both wild and standard can coexist, with wild not necessarily being the neglected, overpowered, and unfun dumping ground of cards that people claim it is.

    And to the people who say that warlock is oppressive in wild, I say just smack them with aggro shaman

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    posted a message on Vicious Sindicate Statistics

    A couple of things can lead to why some of the “best” decks in  game have some low-ish winrates. These can include, but are not limited to:

    The prevalence of a deck leads to targeting and tech choices, as well as an opponent mulliganing for that deck.

    The extremely high skill cap of decks. Skill cap is more or less how hard it is to play the deck 100% optimally. Every play you make maximizes your probabilities of winning the most. Ofc, even pros, much less regular players, can’t reach this. However, pros can get close, and the difference between a pro and a regular player gets pronounced the more intricate and hard to pilot a deck is. Using the patron warrior example, it had a sub 50% winrate on ladder, but was one of the most broken decks in the game if you look at how pros played it. If only the best pros played all the decks on ladder, the winrate of cubelock and razakus priest would probably go up, and some of the aggro winrates would probably go down



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    posted a message on The You've Fallen for my Counter Card Design Competition - Season 7!

    Idea: A minion or weapon that reads “counter the first spell cast each turn” or “counter all spells from your opponent that cost greater than the attack/health of this weapon/minion.”

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    posted a message on How much real money have you spent on Hearthstone to date?

    I was F2P before the welcome bundle, but I caved in since it was such good value. Other than that I haven’t spent a dime on hearthstone. 

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    posted a message on What is wrong with hearthstone?
    Quote from SubPixelPerfect >>

    I'm a fun of smart play, i love skill based decks
    I like to survive first part of the game, to draw big hand to have choice, and to make hard and smart choices,
    I love to know meta, and to play around opponents deck, and to outsmart my opponents

    lets look at current meta
    Tempo Rogue - no skill needed - just  draw a prince
    Zoo Warlock - no skill needed - just go face
    Evolve Shaman - no skill needed - just draw evolve
    Aggro Token Druid - no skill needed - just get good start

    Highlander Priest - a bit of skill is needed - just draw raza
    Secret Mage - no skill needed - just draw combo

    nothing playable

    there is not a single spot for skill, the smartest choice (if you like to win) is to grab a luck based deck and cross fingers

    So what happened to game i loved to play before?
    it is started with old gods - superpowerfull cards was added, first time it was not that bad - one or two mega cards in you opponents hand to play around, but with next expansion blizzard had to introduce something even more powerful in order to make new patch better, and then one more time, and again. So, now we have a huge amount of overpowered cards. And what happens when overpowered meets overpowered? Yes, wins that player who drew more overpowered card faster, what a fun.

    RNG cards is another problem, but it was discussed many times.

    What is a way to fix it?
    there are few ways to fix it:
    1) to stop printing OP card - i'm sure blizzard not going to do that
    2) to rise win conditions like to give each player more hp and bigger deck - this well make games last longer and blizzard never going to go this way
    3) to find something better to play - this is the only thing i can do without blizzards assistance, but sadly there is no real competitors

    so looks like the best thing i can do is to quit

    If all of these deck are low skill, which most of them are not (notably razakus priest), then you can say the same thing about every deck in HS history.
    This following part does not constitute my views, but I am going to bash most of the decks that can possibly be considered high skill just to prove my point above:
    Freeze Mage: What’s so hard? Just freeze their board, alex them on 9, and just point spells face. They can’t even interact with you it’s so low skill to play
    Patron warrior: Incredibly low skill you just draw your frothing, warsong commander, and patrons and you just auto win it’s so easy.
    Handlock: WOW so much skill 8/8 turn 4 and then you taunt up and go face what’s so hard about that
    Renolock: You draw reno. Congrats much skill
    Miracle rogue: 12/12 edwin turn 3 so easy. Or just play gadgetzan and draw it’s too easy.
    Control warrior: remove their threats then just play your own and jam face it’s so straightforward
    I’m sure I missed a couple, but does this prove my point? Any deck in hearthstone can be trashed on. Also, there are plenty of counters. Golakka to combat tempo rogues, evolve shamans, and aggro Druids. Eater of secrets to counter exodia Mage (which you called secret Mage). I haven’t even talked about deck choices yet.
    If you want any more systematic dismantling of your argument please let me know.
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    posted a message on What are Hearthstone's highest skill decks?

    Of all time? I'd say worgen otk warrior (need to know when to use resources for combo or for removal), freeze mage (need to set up multi-turn lethals and involves a lot of playing the odds of topdecks, as well as knowing when to remove things with your burn spells), patron warrior, dead man fatigue warrior, and I would honestly say exodia mage for the same reasons as freeze mage. 

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    posted a message on deadmans hand /mill warrior thoughts?

    The fact that dead mans hand often adds about 7 cards into your deck makes it so that you don't need the infinite dead mans hand loop. Adding that many cards can just put you ahead enough to have enough removal for all of his stuff and just grind the other guy out and let him die from fatigue

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    posted a message on Very Few New Aggro Cards.
    Quote from Stormbringer36>>

    Why do so many people act like control vs aggro is like good guys vs bad guys. Its not. Aggro is a healthy part of the game. You aren't a saint for only playing control decks  

    Agreed. Lots of players would quit if the ladder was 15 minute matches every game. However, getting smacked in the face by a pirate warrior game after game is not fun either. There needs to be a balance

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    posted a message on Aya or Patches?

    First off, good job not just randomly crafting something and asking for other opinions beforehand. 

    Both aya and patches have good cases for them. However, patches can allow you to make pirate warrior, which may be cancer, but at least it wins. Just because patches can allow you to make a complete deck, I would craft patches first. However, if you don't want to play pirate warrior, then it doesn't matter much cuz you're probably going to craft the other next.

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    posted a message on Un'Goro TTC Anti-Aggro Time Warp

    Good explanations for your card choices and combos you can do Pandamina. I didn't think about the 30 damage one you mentioned. Also, I have one suggestion for a card inclusion and a combo possibility you may have not thought of...

    You can also tech in a faceless manipulator to make the combo more consistent because you can use it in place of one apprentice OR one molten reflection if you didn the draw one of them. And before anyone in the comments starts saying it's impossible to fit faceless in the combo bc it is too expensive and that it requires 1 more mana then I have please just hear me out. The trick is to play ONLY ONE apprentice for 2 mana, faceless it, and then cast time warp for 3 mana using 10 mana in your first turn. Next turn you play the second apprentice or one molten reflection it doesn't matter cuz both cost 2 mana at this point, and then play archmage, and then cast the second molten reflection giving you 4 apprentices and a 0 mana fireball.

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