About Me

By FLJ lifesteal, slow midrange pressure and some of their own toxicity, the OTK, the infinite and the mill decks/cards alike are cleansed of their sin of existence, so has it been since the first meta and so shall it be until the end of time.


Few extra things that didn't fit in the metric of the quote:

1)The original idea for the start was: "By FLJ being the best card ever designed in any card game, no contest"

2)Fk disruption cards as well, they add nothing to the game aside making it a coinflip 

3) the "some of their own toxicity" had a "begrudgingly" in front since wins with them never once felt fun or earned


if you think FLJ is infinite you may want to try to learn how to count higher than the single digits


 (From favourite to least) classes:

1) Mage/Priest 2)Shaman/Warrior




6)Demon hunter

7) Neutrals