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    posted a message on Looking for Hearthstone friends? Post your BattleTag Here 2.0

    Battletag: Lucian#21434

    Region: EU,Romanian,but playing from UK.
    Usual Play Times: Every day
    Level of Experience: every couple of months legend,when i have the mood to go for the grind otherwise  diamond 5 every month.
    Preferred Heroes: Any deck rly, i got full collection of cards so i can play anything,i mostly play decks build by me with funny/quirky styles but also climbs me ranks due to the stars.But i also bg's till i get arround 6k or so and then just have fun on them,doing duels too i love them but sadly(not too long till they shut that down).
    I’m Looking For: People from my own country to share games with,but if you know youre a guy who talks a lot and enjoys duels then hit me up.
    Tell us something about you:I like to play even if i lose a lot untill i make a deck better by myself.

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    posted a message on Death Beetle

    this will be great for my undead barnabus quest yeeey :D

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    posted a message on Everytime I'm at FULL stars Diamond 2..

    just push through i had a stoping at diamond 10 and then at 5 and then at 3....kept me there about 3 weeks....just a midset of a winner gets you there no matter the hardship...but i feel you its frustrating.

    good luck.

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    posted a message on Druid Class Losing Most Draw Cards

    This is why people are fucked up,its months till we get rotation and you already thinking of this when actually they can change a lot of stuff like they did before but you assuming they wont and start crying and making it an issue when it isnt.

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    posted a message on I will make Hearthstone images based on your requests


    Type of character/spell/object:dragon mage

    Action:spits fire but maybe he spits it onto his hands that he creates magic?

    Background:something to describe a powerfull wizard like dalaran or something of the sort,cant remember all of the stuff from wow now but i believe actually dalaran is more about arcane magic than fire so maybe something relevant to that if there is?

    Other: maybe show a side part of the dragon turning into a gnome using arcane or frost and kinda make the card a split in 2?

    I believe its too much to put in but it would be great to see smtg like that,at least for me.

    If you do manage to undertake this and make it happen thank you very much.

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    posted a message on Incorporeal Corporal

    nice fit in barnabus druid :D

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    posted a message on Wow, even wild sucks now ...

    This just shows you know nothing about wild,i play wild since they made it a separate thing,there are loads of deck played by loads of clases,the thing is yes they seem OP and they are fast,but in wild all clases have 1-2 crazy strong decks that can get you legend,so you dont have to wait for meta to adjust,you dont have to play against meta too much just play what you want and enjoy and youll get high ranked easy with anyclass.


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    posted a message on Do you play more than one mode?

    I play wild ranked,every month either 5th diamond or legend,bg's to arround 6k raiting and some normal duels to arround 7k raiting.always doing the tavern and now and again hitting a merc but maybe once or twice a month.

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    posted a message on How about the idea of an All-Common Format?

    id rather have a format to play only leenndaries :D 

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    posted a message on How much gold can we get per day/week from quests

    From expansion to expansion with the reward pass i get abkut 13k gold,multiply that by 4 as we get 4 expansions per year,that means you could get 52k gold per year if you play as much as i do.

    Every expansion on the reward pack i get arround lvl 240-260.

    I believe i play moderately couple of hours daily,arround 3-4h or so.

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    posted a message on Morning people vs Not morning people

    Morning person,but i sit 30min on the toilet after i wake up🤣🤣no jogging and no exercise,after that i put music on loud and start doing what i need to do that day.

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    posted a message on Disappointed that we dont get any new tribe

    So i was waiting for the news for bgs with all my heart,all because i was hopping for a new tribe.Maybe there is more to announce?and im not aweare of it?

    But dont get me wrong i love the buddy sistem idea,no criticism against that.

    Just my own expectatio...and thats what it got me to :(

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    posted a message on Battlegrounds is rigged

    Your explanation sounds like all the fake media that goes on the internet and other people believe it, no offence but why would me or anyone else believe you? Why should me/we do that? Never met you dont know who you are where you live what is your profession, and there are countless more variables to this than what i just said. Then theres the fact that you present no actual proof, statistics and just want us to take your word for it because you say youve spent1000 hours on this mode,and maybe you did, but then again we as humans tend to forget a lot of shit that we do and only remember the negative parts cause thats how our fucking brain works unfortunatly.

    And lets say i believe you and take your word for it, what you want us to do? Quit the game just because its rigged? In the end i enjoy it even if the odds might be against me i still like to try, its our nature,or most of us are like that.

    Man in the end what im trying to say is stop convincing others of your truth and reality every person is in their own buble and havr their own truth and beliefs and what not, just play the game or quit it, end of story. 

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    posted a message on AITA

    Man, theres so much to do atm, i play all modes except arena and standard... But i usualy play one mode for a good while then get bored of it and switch to the other game modes. But then again i play it for fun since this game has been in beta... I like the game and i do get bored of it from time to time, but thats what i like about it, diff game modes... And their not always the same every couple of months they change for better or worse, but thats subjective, but what im trying to say its that change does happen so just bare with it or change to a diff game mode or maybe just game altogheter and wiat for the change to happen.

    Habe fun, always. 

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    posted a message on Antonidas proc

    Hey man, yeah there was a bug, i couldnt finish it, but it seems they fixed it in the new patch that will come or already came on pc probably but not on phones.

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