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    posted a message on Patch 17.2.1 Is Live - Balance Changes & Bug Fixes

    How sure are you she's a he?

    He never lies, but she never tells the truth.

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    posted a message on Card Back Creation Livestreams - The Process Of Creating A Card Back

    Hadidjah <3

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    posted a message on The whole demon hunter class need a rework

    Just remove its cost reduction and lower their healing methods since they already have good fuel, but unlike rogue, suffers from value generation.

    Cost Reduction should be Paladin's.

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    posted a message on Am I the only one who HATES facing a priest, and feel like the fun of the game is being dragged down by this class?

    Whenever I see Tyrande, Anduin or Lazule, I auto concede.

    Can a priest have a not so long archetype. It's ok to be control but not that long and annoying feeling. Id rather lose from DH and rogues.

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    posted a message on Paladin Legendaries

    Yeah these dragons are quite disappointing. I understand that Nozdormu the Timeless is used best on 9 or 10th turn, but only for stats? That's it?

    Both the dragons give the opponent an advantage, they might as well give us a legendary that will help us build a dream deck, a "friendly paladin archetype" that auto-wins your opponent.

    Either buff these cards like:

    Nozari: Restore 15 health.

    Nozdormu the Timeless: Discover a card you played this game.

    Or release a purepaladin legendary or libram legendary.

    Or just delete this class and replace it with monk.


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    posted a message on Call to Adventure

    weak card draw for standard players

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    posted a message on Righteousness

    Great artwork btw

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    posted a message on Righteousness

    I wish this card gives your face divine shield too cos i havent seen this used.

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    posted a message on Should Blizzard Buff Paladin?
    Quote from Rino >>
    Quote from sPacEtiMe19 >>

    Blizz should just make Solemn Vigil a basic card for the class. It oozes identity, is not overpowered, and would give paladins some reasonable card draw that they so desperately need. 

    For those that don't know, it was the 5 mana draw 2 cards, costs 1 less for each minion that died this turn.


     Or give us this:

     Very interesting card draw for the libram paqkage! I like it. Or perhaps they can just make Hand of A'dal a libram too as a starting point to buff the archetype.

    But yeah, paladin classic or basic needs some change.

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    posted a message on Golden Cards Upgrading, New Expansion Mechanic Spoiler, Deckslots & More - Developer AMA Recap

    Very glad that the team is really expanding and focusing for this game's improvement! The VFX truly has improved Reliquary of Souls is my favorite.

    Just what I wished for and I'm very excited for the new game mode that combines old wild cards and standard cards. I thought my old cards will be useless :))

    Still hoping for Monk class to be added next year, with pandaria, cos the class addition has its hype now with DH. Don't lose it

    Kudos to these hardworking devs.

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    posted a message on Balance Predictions
    Quote from JohnK8 >>

    First of all, I don't play wild so keep in mind that I won't talk about 2 wild cards.

    Sac Pac - target friendly demons. Restore 5 health

    Albatross - maybe increasing the mana cost by 1 or reducing stats by -1/-1. Or making the deathrattle into: Shuffle 1/1 albatrosses into BOTH player's deck. This way it won't be autoinclude into almost every deck. This way decks that draw too fast or decks that don't have the no duplicate restriction won't be bothered by getting 2 1/1 birds into their deck as well.

    Fellwing - maybe mana cost to 5 or 6 or lower the stats by 1 health

    Kael'thas - maybe third spells cost 1 mana or just make it that you can use his effect once per turn?

    DH cards would be the Battlefiend make it 1 attack (grows slower) or 1 health (same growth but easy to kill). Second card would be Priestess of Fury reducing the effect to only minions or reducing stats by -1/-1 (maybe? not so sure)

    Anyways, my predictions. Honestly I'm fine by the meta that it it right now. Personally I'm not having problems with any of these cards so even without these balance changes I'm fine with it, but also curious how will meta change after them.

    I agree, that's a great suggestion for Kael'thas Sunstrider! "The 3rd spell you cast for each turn costs 0". Not the 6th, or 9th, but only the third.

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    posted a message on Can't add Kazakus to Demon Hunter deck.

    Or maybe he just searched for 'Duplicates" in crafting, crafted Kazakus then didn't know about her mechanic.

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    posted a message on Why Mana Burn?

    IMO Mana burn should be Paladin card, like a purifying tech card.

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    posted a message on Secret of Elusive Dragons

    Oh really? What common card? Glad you liked it! I'm actually losing with this deck right now. Might tweak it more :))

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    posted a message on Why Lady Vashj is the worse designed Prime for Ashes of Outland

    the card is 1 year too late. they are already pushing spell shaman with the frogs in Rastakhan, idk why they keep printing late cards.

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