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    posted a message on Patch 17.2.1 Is Live - Balance Changes & Bug Fixes
    Quote from xskarma >>

    2100 dust, but I only disenchanted extras and kept any golden's I had too. Still not bad for doing nothing but hang on to these cards instead of dusting them already after opening.

     Can you please answer to my private message?..
    Glad for your 2100 dust, but how about some work? 
    If you can't resolve it - then please give me a contact of an employee that can do it

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    posted a message on The Pepper Thread - Share your good vibes!
    Quote from dustydelta >>
    Quote from Cultrus >>

    A pack from brawl contains a legendary and finally after 4 years playing...

    The reward should be higher though...

     Are golden cards counted for this? I've got everything I need for completing this quest but hadn't got the reward. Is it possible to see if you have already completed a quest? 

    To get this quest done you need to "Collect every card in the Classic Set. Only one of each card is required, and may be golden or non-golden"
    It basically comes down to getting all the Legendaries + at least 1 copy of every epic (assuming you already got 1 copy of all commons and rared for sure)
    You can't see anywhere if you have already got the reward for this unique quest

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    posted a message on A Chance Encounter - Tavern Brawl #256

    The most right guy on the Poster is me, while trying to win my Brawl Pack during 40 min. games... sigh

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    posted a message on New ranked mode missing a star
    Quote from Hematyt >>

    The 11 star bonus is given to top 1500 legend players. The rest gets 10 star bonus

     The result that counts is the legend rank you finish the season, correctly?
    Is there an official article, or maybe the top 1500 players can confirm that the 11 stars start from that rank?
    1500 rank seems reachable!
    + does it mean, you'll still get 2 stars for a win from Diamond 5 to Legend?    11 stars bonus should end when you reach Legend.?

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    posted a message on Pack for Spectate Quest vs 60 gold ?!

    Most of the answers considered the fact that i'll get the missing epics and Legendaries.
    I will get them anyways from Brawl packs. 

    So let's just say, that you have all the Classic cards (non-golden) 
    What will you pick in that case?  Classic Pack vs 60 gold?

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    posted a message on Pack for Spectate Quest vs 60 gold ?!

    Hello, guys!
    Since Blizz introduced Tavern Brawl packs, i have never bought a Classic Pack, and decided, that i will get all the Classic cards just from those.
    I am really close now. Just need 11 epics and 4 legendaries. So it's about 1-1,5 years to get them all. 

    Now to my question: additional packs from quests seem to be not that good anymore, right? 
    I mean, if we pretend to already have ALL classic cards it's just a golden card chanse or reallistically just some dust.
    on average it's like what?  90 dust as found on google info.

    We can reroll that quest into a 50 gold one + next day try and get a 60 gold from it for the new packs
    Is 60 gold > than 90 dust? 
    Thanks for you answers!

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    posted a message on advice on what to craft

    DH needs 2x Legendaries = 3200 dust.  (Pit Comanders are optional)  Tempo DH doesn't use them, Bigger DH - does
    Rougue needs Togwaggle, ShadowJewler Hanar, Kronx, Edwin + 2 epic secrets

    Both decks are really strong on power. It just depends what you enjoy more + what deck you can afford to craft!
    Good luck, mate

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    posted a message on Buy DoD packs or save for new expansion?

    getting at least all the commons from every standard set = the best value! 
    costs so little, but way more useful, than say a couple more random epics from the new expansion

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    posted a message on Any Pally's out there get Legend with Murlocs?

    It's a Tier-1 deck right now! 
    Bad agains all Demon Hunters and Egg Warrior 35-40 %
    48% vs Higlander Mage and Galakrond Warlock

    and 50+ winrate vs ALL other decks!

    so if you don't see a lot of DH you can really push to Legend with it

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    posted a message on Should I dust Ysiel Windsinger?

    Well, she is sexy as hell, so would definetely keep her in my dreams at least

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    posted a message on The Innkeeper Returns!

    Dear moderators and stuff
    any news on updating the Collection page, and adding the 
    Galakrond's Awakening  and
    Outland   tabs ?

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    posted a message on The Innkeeper Returns!
    Quote from xskarma >>
    Quote from Lisanthir >>

    When will AoO be added to hearthpwn collection list? It seems that Innkeeper synchs the cards but they are not show in the my account's collection on the site. 


    Quote from xinterceptorx >>

    Yep, not working....


    Quote from tripzplash >>

    there show up when you show all card i can see the DH card but there missing a tab for last solo adventure and last xpack can we pls get it added?

     I'm not sure I understand the complaint.

    We are aware that this section i smissing a button for Galakrond's awakening and Ashes of Outland:

    But the cards from those sets are in the collection, so I'm not quite sure if this is what you guys wanted or if there's something else we are missing.

    Please try to be as descriptive as you can and include screenshots if you feel this would help.

    Thanks for helping us get to the bottom of this. :)

     So the inkeeper syncs ok! it sees all the AoO and Demon Hunter classic cards.
    Pretty sure that guys above ment that they My Collection on Hearthpwn website page problem
    on the screenshot which you attached you can see, that the AoO isn't listed as an xpac. So we can't see hom many cards are we missing and how much dust we need for a complete collection.  That's the problem
    Other than that everything works fine: 
    - Inkeeper sees all cards from my HS collection, 
    - updated correctly, since AoO came out
    - when on decks page it shows correctly the amount of dust missing for any of the decks.

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    posted a message on Announcing the Outland Inn-vitational! - Watch With Twitch Drops!
    Quote from MEMEK-kucing >>

    Only 1 pack? LULW

     2 packs mate (2+2 hours = 1+1 packs), for nothing - nice price in my books

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    posted a message on 10g/3 Wins should be 10g/game

    It's fine how it is. 
    Please, stop making silly threads! 

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    posted a message on Is it just my collection or have they not updated collection for Ashes of Outlands?
    Quote from SinAscendant >>
    Quote from Knight1121 >>

    As the title says.

    I see "DRG" in my collection. I don't see any "AoO". So I'm wondering if it's just me or they haven't updated database yet.



     It's you. I both have the filter, and can search "aoo" from the search page. Update your game client.

     OP obviously talks about this Website problem. 
    So yep, have the same question to mods - when will you add the AoO tab to My collection page? Really helpful to see how many cards am I missing and how much dust needed for the full set!

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