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    posted a message on Old Ysera's Card Pool Changes Coming Soon - With Dust Refund

    Fun fact:
    if you actually CLICK ON THE IMAGE TO ENLARGE  
    it will become a tiny bit smaller  :)

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    posted a message on What will happen to classic packs?

    you could open Epic Parrot card + Legendary Murloc in classic packs post rotation
    + Brawls won't give classic packs anymore, they will give packs from current expansion - was confirmed by Blizz

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    posted a message on Extreme high-rolling with Zoo Warlock. Should this be allowed?

    Tough luck!
    Played a lot of Stealth Rougue this month and this is a really bad mathcup, so don't be too sad
    P.S. nice golden Jandice Barov   Looks sexy!

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    posted a message on Ysera dust after next patch

    Dude, there's no profit in crafting either normal or golden copy now if you don't have them. 
    You will just be able to dust them for full cost when patch hits. 
    That's all

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    posted a message on Will Golden Classic Cards still be unlockable?
    Quote from xskarma >>


    "With the Classic Set joining the Legacy Set in Wild, all Classic cards and their Golden versions will now be craftable and disenchantable. Basic cards and their Golden versions will be granted to all players that have Wild unlocked for free at rotation, as will the normal versions of Demon Hunter Initiate cards (Golden Demon Hunter Initiate cards will still be craftable and disenchantable)."

     Thanks for the quote, sir. 
    Not a native English speaker here, can you pls explain it one more time?
    I understood that all Basic cards (normal and golden) + DH Initiate JUST normal cards  will be given for free
    Question is just about DH Initiate GOLDEN cards  - so if don't fram level 60 DH now, the only way to get them = to craft?
    So it means that we should farm level 60 dh now?

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    posted a message on What's the dusting strategy this rotation ?
    Quote from user-26807392 >>

    Since the dream cards changes there will be dust refund for 1 golden Yesera and 1 non golden copy so Id craft that and then dust the golden copy. I’ll also keep the rest of my collection to see if there’ll be any other similar changes.

     Not sure about a refund, mate, because it's not going to Hall of Fame, but just gets changed. so you will simply be able to dust her for free 2 weeks since the patch gets down. 
    That's why your move will net you 0 dust
    I might be mistaken though, can't find the original blizz post on Ysera. Correct me if it's really a refund for all 1 golden + 1 simple copy you own

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    posted a message on 1500 XP Quest Trading - Play A Friend! (#7)

    Battletag: AAZ#2442


    Region: EU


    Trade Only?: Yes, you go first  (will show my quest pre)

    DONE!  with  MunCh33Z#2419

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    posted a message on Circus Dillo Warrior

    Really loved your Circus dildo idea!

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    posted a message on Do I have enough time to reach Tavern Pass 40 ?

    Level 25 to 40 in 2 weeks is doable for sure with like 1-2 hour daily play + all quests.

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    posted a message on Hearthstone, power creep, and rock-paper-scissors game design

    I got Lethaled 30 damage by this wall of text :)

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    posted a message on Duplicate protection rule

    Nope, works as intended. 
    You now will get Scholomance epics on RANDOM, one of them can be Cabal Acolyte, but not guaranteed. 
    It is made that way only for cards you have dusted (they are counted as if you have them), so you can only get them again, when you have all other cards of the same rarity, but on random basis. 

    Done this way, so that we can't farm cards which got nerfed, opening only them in packs post-nerf (if we got all other cards of this rarity).
    So if you dusted cards and now wanna play with them, you can:
    a) either become generous with that full dust refund, which you got from dusting them post nerf
    b) hope that Lady Luck smiles at you one day

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    posted a message on 19.4.1 Balance Patch Notes - Changes to Hysteria and Duels

    Edited comment

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    posted a message on After a month

    Hmm, so OP wants to win if he plays better.
    Guess you should try chess, mate :)

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    posted a message on Before you open the packs you saved!
    Quote from ArcyroX >>

    is it possible to buy the 2000 gold bundle AFTER opening the Darkmoon packs?

    I mean I already have all the rares for the normal expansion, and I would like to have a few extra copies of mini expansion cards in case of nerfs hitting the mini expansion..

     If you have all Darkmoon Faire commons and rares now + you buy mini-set for 2k (so you'll have all the mini-set cards as well)
    After that, when you open more Darkmoon Faire packs you'll get extra copies of commons and rares from both: Darkmoon Faire + mini-set ones. 
    So yes, you can stack mini-set cards if you do it in this order to get max value if nerfs hit mini-set cards

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    posted a message on Before you open the packs you saved!

    OP has the point. 
    it's a really hard decision, hope somebode can do a math on it. 

    If you open 20 packs + (4-5 packs on February 1  + 7 Rare cards) - from your Ladder Reward you will have all commons, rares, 4 epics and 1 Legendary (on average).
    You will be missing a couple of epics and 3 Legendaries.  In like 2 weeks you'll see if any of those cards are really good and can craft them with 3-4k dust.

    And you will still have 2k gold for next expansion.

    So the 2k kind of decide just the epics and Legendaries (if you have 15-20 packs hoarded now). 
    But if you usually get like 10k gold stacked prior to expansion the extra 2k will just decide on extra epics and legendaries of the big Expansion (cause you would get all commons and rares from your 10k anyways). 
    So it's kind of the same thing in the long run, if i'm not missing something.
    Would appreciate your thoughts, boys and girls!

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