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Legend Secret Stealth [*with guide]

  • Last updated Apr 15, 2020 (Outland DH Nerfs)
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  • 19 Minions
  • 11 Spells
  • Deck Type: Ranked Deck
  • Deck Archetype: Secret Rogue
  • Crafting Cost: 9220
  • Dust Needed: Loading Collection
  • Created: 4/9/2020 (Outland DH Nerfs)
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  • gm6
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Ok guys, LF7D here. 

After playtesting a big amount of decks i finally found piece inside my soul. So i bring you a secret stealth rogue. 

This deck is so great that you can easily win any match-up. The tempo swings here are so strong that even "pain in the ass ressurect priest" looses to this list. 

As usual, as we get 20 upvotes here, i will write a deep guide and bring WR statistics against all classes.  

P.S.: a maiev hero portrait coming from the shadows is strongly recommended to apply for this list.

Update 15.04. Thanks to GamerPanda who was first to propose adding 1x Shadowstep. Dropped 1x Secretkeeper. Second girl is on the watch, thinking what to tech in instead. WR is raising, thanks to shadowstep, now even more competitive against ressurect priest and highlander hunter. Stay tuned. 

Update 13.04. Thanks to jtikey who was first to propose this change: switched 2x Worgen Infiltrator for 2x Burrowing Scorpid. Works great as it can easily get Stealth (mind using Backstab to deal with 4 hp minions)  for the following value and additionaly it also able to do face damage, which is sometimes so needed to finish the game. Thought about throwing off 2x Secretkeeper but persanally for me it is still a powerful card to initiate those secret shenanigans. And being active on late turns followed by hanar it won me number of games. Still working on the deck improvement. Also added my current WR screenshot after 40+ games (priest and DH are in the bad spot against it right now).

Also i want to ask you guys to share your WR (if played at least 30 games), especially playing on different rank floors besides legend with this deck. Big Up! 

Update 10.04.  Thank you guys for the interest and your feedback. Let's jump to the guide, shall we?


This is basically a tempo deck which contains two different archetypes:
1. Stealth. 
This package provides you board pressence, card draw and face damage. 
Minions like SpymistressSkyvateerWorgen Infiltrator and ofcourse Akama itself are your early game options and combo activators for next turns involving Ashtongue Slayer and Greyheart Sage
2. Secrets.
This is an interesting part. It also have a card draw aspect with Dirty Tricks, board presence with Ambush and the most fun secret ever made Bamboozle which works great when DH tries to kill your 1 health minion. For the early game you have Secretkeeper, secrets (whole new package which gives you versatility to choose from depending on the match up) paired with a very strong control tool such as Blackjack Stunner and the mvp of this deck Shadowjeweler Hanar. Now this guy can definetely change the game. You can play him early on with coin on turn 1 and follow up with secrets every turn so it will be hard to remove or you can sqeeze all value out of him on turn 7 (it will guarantee you 4 secrets, 3 on top of a tree and 1 being in hand). Imagine doing this turn 7 tricks while your secretkeeper on board :-)

And on top of those cards you have an additional tempo support with EVIL Miscreant and a game finisher Eviscerate and a strong control set containing Flik SkyshivMaiev Shadowsong and Backstab (which is also activate your Miscreants).

All in all seems balanced, right? 


This is the moment where mixed archetype shines bright. 
You can go for stealthed package or secret one, depends on what you like. 
Essentially you are aiming for early 1 mana drops. 
Going first without coin you want SpymistressSecretkeeper or Worgen Infiltrator.
Going second with coin you are looking for Shadowjeweler HanarSkyvateer and any of your 1 drops mentioned above. 
Your aim is to establish your board and support it following turns with secrets or stealth combo cards.

Against combo decks, such as Spell Druid, OTK DH, Spell Mage etc. focus on secret package from the very start of the game.
Against aggro decks go for stealth package, you will outpace them, no problem. 
Against control, such as Res priest focus on stealth and try to have at least one secret in hand to be able to Blackjack Stunner his taunts and heals. Maiev Shadowsong will win you games here.


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Deck overview videos

big up to my man KDK for showcasing this deck for us.

or you can watch another review by kiwiinbacon


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