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Top Duels Moments of the Week

Welcome to Top Duels Moments of the Week! Because of how crazy Duels can be with all of its treasures, people experience a lot of crazy once-in-a-lifetime moments. Here, ANYONE can share some of their favorite experiences from their Duels games.


3: Royal Beadown


Here, we have Rimodod pulling coins out of their bag of tricks; just enough to pull out this legendary summoning beatstick on the first turn. This Demon Hunter's Adventurers are probably not enough to keep up with such a big swing.

2: Professional Knife Juggling


Under most circumstances, having a Hero Power that summons an 11/11 is too much to handle. But after playing Blightborn Tamsin and wielding a Battle Totem, a Flame Imp and Knife Vendor is just a 5 mana form of 22 face damage.

1: Flame Thrower


Battle Totem is generally not advisable when your deck only has 4 copies of the same Battlecry minion. However, if those cards are all Grand Magus Antonidas, then you could have some real fun with that. 36 damage on a Battlecry is quite powerful in a lot of situations. This is an instance of burning down all of the opponent's Armor and most of their Health. If there wasn't a bug that kept the Fireballs from benefiting from Spell Damage, it would've been exact lethal!

Thank you Rimodod for your submission!

If you’re a fan of Duels, or even if you just play it casually, feel free to take a screenshot of your amazing moment and send it to us. We plan to share the best ones every week, so don’t be afraid to share if you have something unique you’ve experienced.

Submit your entry by clicking the link below. In the message, include a link to your uploaded screenshot(s) as well as a brief description of the situation so that it can be accurately explained in the article.

You can use to upload your screenshot, and you don't even have to have an account to do it. Once you go to, and click on "New Post" in the top left corner. From there, select the file you want to submit. Once the upload is finished, there will be a button that says "Copy link" in the top right of the image. Then you just need to paste it in the message you send as your submission.

Thank you and good luck in all your future Duels!



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