17.2.2 Client Patch - In-Game Shop Opens Again & Bug Fixes


17.2.2 Client Patch - In-Game Shop Opens Again, Bug Fixes

Blizzard has just announced a Client Patch which they will be deploying to us.


You can read all the Patch Notes below:

Quote from Blizzard

Hey everyone,
We’re currently in the process of deploying a 17.2.2 client patch that will address the following items:

  • Fixed a bug that would cause a crash on mobile when clicking the eye to see who is spectating.
  • Fixed a few various issues that would lock the game state when playing certain cards from hand.
  • Fixed a bug where some players in Europe were only given the option of Warrior as their free deck after graduating the new player ranks.
  • Fixed a bug where the shop would be closed when launching Hearthstone due to a missing runtime dependency.

If the shop is still closed after updating to 17.2.2, try swapping to another region on the launcher and swapping back before opening Hearthstone again.



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