Reno's Revealing Cards at Comic-Con!



It's Comic-CON Time Again!

Quote from Blizzard
The League of Explorers is coming to sunny Southern California for San Diego Comic-Con! Stop by for an unforgettable panel featuring iconic Hearthstone voice actors and a member of the development team.

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Hearthstone game designer Dave Kosak and voice actors Terrence Stone (Sir Finley), Amy Walker (Elise Starseeker), and Carlos Larkin (Brann Bronzebeard) will be on stage at Comic-Con to share stories about the iconic characters starring in Saviors of Uldum, our heroic upcoming expansion. 

Quote from Blizzard
The panelists will reflect on how they brought their characters to life—from their first audition to the process of finding their true voices—and even share a sneak peek at 4 of the Legendary new cards coming in Saviors of Uldum.
The panel and Q&A session will be moderated by Blizzard's senior casting and voice director Andrea Toyias.


For more panel details, and to add this to your SDCC schedule, check out the SDCC site here.



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