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Community Feedback - It Matters!

Zeriyah was quiet today but wanted to let everyone know that no matter where you are, you're being watched listened to. Even though the game isn't in our hands yet, there's still plenty of awesome discussion taking place on both the official forums and our own forums. Don't be afraid to take part in it, your voice matters!

Originally posted by Blizzard (Blue Tracker / Official Forums)

We take feedback from a wide variety of sources, not simply the forums. We encourage players to talk about Hearthstone in whatever format they feel most comfortable with. All feedback or conversations that may be happening revolving around Hearthstone are important to us, whether it is positive or negative. Even a negative discussion held in a constructive manner has the potential to be helpful to our team. 

Avoiding statements such as, "This is OP!!!!!1" and instead having conversations starting with, "I feel there is an issue with X because of my X experience happening in numerous cases of games - maybe X should be looked at and these are some things that may help," will be better for clearly stating your case and explaining the issues you may be having. 

I read quite a bit on a daily basis - forums and fansites, conversations happening on social media and other external websites. The forums are just a slice of that delicious Hearthstone pie.

Hero Picker UI

The Hero Picker UI is the interface in which players will choose which deck they want to use in the duel they have queued up for. We have seen the Normal UI skin during some of the Fireside Duels. The interface will change colors based on which gamemode the player is in so they know what they are up against. Blue UI is for normal duels; Green UI is for the practice mode; and the Red UI is for Tournament. The sound files indicate there is to be a weekly tournament, but it has not been confirmed by Blizzard.

Hero Picker UI - Drop-Ins

The following are replacements for the main hero picker UI panel. Their function is currently unknown.

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