The Trinity Series - A Hearthstone Team League - Week 6

The Trinity Series - A Hearthstone Team League - Week 6

The Trinity Series returns this week with another two days full of Hearthstone e-sports action! With the top five teams being tied in match wins, the tension is rising as they fight to secure a spot in the live finals.

Tune in tomorrow, February 22nd and February 23rd at 10AM PST (7PM CET) on the ESL Hearthstone Twitch channel!

The Trinity Series is a Hearthstone Team League featuring eight of the top Hearthstone teams competing in a brand new team-based competition. The tournament goes on for 7 weeks of online play with a live final at the ESL America Studios in Burbank (CA) in March. There is a total prize pool of $150.000 USD.

The core goal of the Trinity Series is to showcase team collaboration in all aspects of competition. Most notably, all three team members will have open verbal communication with one another throughout their matches, allowing them to discuss and deliberate every in-game decision as a group. With this open communication in place, the strongest teams will ultimately be those who most effectively collaborate on their strategy and preparation, and the audience will get to listen in on each team’s discussion during key points in the games.



All matches will be played in a best-of-11 “Last Hero Standing” format, where players continue using a particular deck until they lose with it. Teams will submit 9 decks for each match (1 from each class), and then ban two of the opposing team’s decks from play. The teams will then pilot 6 of their remaining 7 classes for the duration of the match, until one team has earned 6 wins and is crowned the victor.

Both teams submit 9 Standard Decks
Each team submits 1 deck for each of the 9 classes

Picks and Bans
Each team bans 2 of the opposing team’s decks
Each team picks 6 classes to play (out of their 7 non-banned classes)

Best of 11 - Last Hero Standing
Using their 6 picked classes, teams play each other in Last Hero Standing format
The first team to earn 6 game wins the entire match

Prize Pool

The prize pool is broken down as follows:

 1st Place  $75,000
 2nd Place  $30,000
 3rd - 4th Place  $15,000
 5th - 6th Place  $4,500
 7th - 8th Place  $3,000


Each week the standings from the previous week can be found below.

  Team Matches W/L Games W/L
1 G2 3 - 2 28 - 20
2 Luminosity 3 - 2 27 - 22
3 Complexity 3 - 2 25 - 24
4 Team Liquid 3 - 2 25 - 24
5 Tempo Storm 3 - 2 21 - 19
6 Virtus.Pro 2 - 3 23 - 24
7 Alliance 2 - 3 18 - 24
8 Cloud 9 1 - 4 19 - 29



The schedule for this weeks games is as follows

February 22nd February 23rd
Match 1 Match 1
Cloud 9 vs Alliance Complexity vs G2
Match 2 Match 2
Luminosity Gaming vs Virtus.Pro Team Liquid vs Tempo Storm

Where to Watch

The games can be watched live on the ESL Hearthstone channel on Wednesdays and Thursdays at 10AM PST (7PM CET).


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