Battle for Gadgetzan Tournament!

Battle for Gadgetzan Tournament!

Esports Arena is taking to the streets as Hearthstone's newest three families take each other on in the first tournament of the new expansion! This event will take place completely online and can be found at starting at 10am PST / 19:00 CET

Tournament Format

  • The 9 players will be split into 3 teams.
  • Each team is comprised of 3 players of which must create 1 deck for each class that is apart of their designated family.
  • The teams will be pinned up against each other in a best of 5, last hero standing format.


  • Players will continue to play with a deck until it has been defeated.
  • Players cannot sub out until all three of their decks are defeated.
  • If a player has 1 deck left and defeats a player's last deck then that player will continue playing agaisnt the next player with only 1 deck remaining.
  • Teams will earn points based off of performance:
    • 5 Points per win.
    • 15 Points per player defeated.
    • 50 Points for winning a full round.
    • 5 Points for each deck undefeated at end of round.
    • 10 Points for each player undefeated at end of round

The team at the end of the tournament with the most points becomes the King of Gadgetzan!


Team Kabal

Team Grimy Goons

Team Jade Lotus

Tournament VoD

The tournament has concluded. You can watch all 12 hours of the action below!


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