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    This is a super weird one and I can't think of any other card with the same wording.

    If this were the intended interaction, the language usually used would be 'After you play an Overload card...'. However, this is written 'After you play a card with Overload'.

    We have plenty of examples of the text for this kind of expected interaction other card types with:
    N'Zoth, the Corruptor

    Corrupt the Waters

    Ossirian Tear



    I would argue that because of previous wording precedents Guidance is a card with overload, but it is not an overload card, and that therefore the current interaction is not the intended one.



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    You sir, are a genius

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    Evolve rotates to wild in the middle of this season and before the expansion drops, so if you intend to hit legend you'd need to do it very, very quickly.

    I wouldn't bother crafting the sea giant right now. But you do you. 

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    Quote from Shadowrisen >>


    Oh make no mistake, as a person who has played since the beta, it's been interesting to watch the many time bombs of the classic set be defused . . . except for 3.

    I looked through the set for funsies, and it looks like they've actually come pretty close to getting rid of all the design-restricting shit.  Warsong Commander was annihilated.  Druid's ramp is hampered.  Mage's freeze damage is handled.  Rogue's burst and conceal is . . . somewhat handled.  Except for those pesky 3.

    And by "those pesky 3", I of course mean Mountain Giant, Malygos, and DS/IF.  And no, I don't think Leeroy should be on the list, but that's another discussion.

    Malygos hasn't reared his head in a bit, so it's easy to remember the stranglehold he continues to have on rogue and druid design.

    I'm racking my brain for a year when Mountain Giant wasn't in tier 1 at some point during the meta, and not coming up with it.

    But DS/IF is particularly poisonous, since it's the last of the classic time bombs that is class-based.  This discussion changes immediately if that ever changes, but for some reason, they continue to dance around the inevitable HoF move.

    Can anyone tell me what about DS/IF is so design restricting? Genuine question. 

    From my recollection, Blizz has printed a ton of cheap, high health minions and almost always they aren't used. With the exception of the 3 mana 4/8 can't attack - which I don't count as design restrictive because it was designed FOR DS/IF priests, not around it. 

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