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    Assuming battlegrounds players understand the basics of the mode it’s 99% rng. The player that gets a better hero will likely win, the player offered stronger minions will likely win, the player who goes first will likely win, 

    there is no fairness in battlegrounds by design. Players who want to take pride in playing intelligently should go play chess. Hearthstone is for kids who like to lulz about crazy rng.

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    Learn what the good heroes are,

    hope to get offered a good hero.

    pick good hero,

    learn what the good minions are 

    hope to get offered good minions

    learn What the good dark moon prizes are

    hope to get offered good dark moon prizes.

    Hope for good RNG and most importantly play for 4hrs a day 7 days a week and you’ll eventually get to 11k rating.

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    Blizzard has been steadily increasing the RNG in battlegrounds. Just like the rest of the game they need casuals and whales to be able to LuLz into wins over more skillful players. The dark moon prizes and minion changes have made the game almost entirely based on you getting a good hero (which you buy the battle pass to help with) or the roulette wheel of the minion pool. 

    assuming you are playing at least competently you need to play ALOT of games to reach 8k. Over the holidays I played every day for hours and got to 10k. Since work picked back up I’m having around 7k. 

    it’s just like ranked ladder. Pick an abusive deck and play 600-700 games and congrats you’re legend.

    hearthstone isn’t a skill game beyond basics it’s a grind fest. Unless you’re a moron the answer is your not playing enough games to mitigate bad rng.

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    Any aggro deck can wreck this combo. Also secret mage is an insta win against this deck. The meta will adapt give it more than 2 days ok.

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    OP is trying to refer to configuring the firewall rule in windows to trigger a disconnect so you can pull this off easier, Dog does this in all of his videos, he disconnects the turn before he “goes off” he can get turn times over 2 minutes. Kripp is complaining about this exploit.

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    Still lost.

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    Boat is pure rng trash. It can single handily win games or sometimes do nothing. Expect blizzard to make more cards like boat. 

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    Quote from PlaZz1 >>

     Congrats on picking the minions offered to you.

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    Quote from FancyBreakfast >>

    Nesingwary hero. Only available if the game has beasts. Hero power-Shotgun: passive that kills one of your opponent's beasts at the start of combat.

    Tyrande hero. Hero Power-Renew: for 2 gold heal 2 of your hero's hp.

    Kobold hero: Hero Power-No take candle: each turn designate a token to hold a candle. If that token survives combat, you get a coin.

     Congrats these are terrible hero’s.

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    Quote from ucel >>

    After ca. 10 matches with Y'Shaarj I can say one thing: it is one of my favourite BG Heroes. 

    OK, with some bad luck you lose, but if you manage to live to turn 8-9 you'll probably land in top 2 with big chance of 1st place.

    One thing is important: you have to play very aggressive, otherwise you cannot use his benefits. My strategy is following: 

    1. Buy 1 (murloc/cat/water elemental preferred)
    2. Level 2
    3. Buy 1 minion, use HP
    4. Level 3, use  HP
    5. Level 4, use HP
    6. Buy 2 minions, use HP
    7. Level 5, use HP
    8. Buy 3 minions, use HP
    9. Level 6, use HP
    10+ Have fun with board full of 6*

     You entirely missed the point of this post.I suggest you reread it and consult a friend if you continue to struggle,

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