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    Hi there,

    First of all, thanks to all for your opinions I appreciate it. 

    Second as a class I chose a mage. As someone of you say it quiet strong in actual meta (standard and wild) and have diverse builds so it makes it more entreating. Also I was considering myself that choice cuz I love that blue glowing skin that have  Jaina and in some way I enjoy actual mages builds, so....

    Also this helps me to consider a Druid as next if he continues ok like now. As for warlock, ehm.... well maybe sometime in future hehe. As for priest, personaly I hate it. For me is so damn boring and it will be last I think.

    For someone of you asking me, actually I have plan that is: minimum 10 wins per day. So if I start with 20 like mage now, it should be done like in month and half. I come with this plan with hunter and rogue (last ones) to golden. 

    Again thanks too all for help and see ya around!


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    Hello there,

    This is my first post here on Hearthpwn and I came here if someone can help me with next question.

    I play HS since start of it (with some breaks on  summer's) and I own almost all cards (except some non-usable legendaries). For like a year or so I start my personal achivement "Road to Golden", that is to get all heros as golden ones. So recently I achive my 5th golden hero and now I don't really know which one to chose as next for my personal achivement.

    Currently I have: Paladin, Warrior, Shaman, Hunter, Rogue.

    On mine Druid, Mage and Priest I have around 20 victories and on Warlock 120 (but current state of this class i don't know how good idea it will be :) ). Anyway, I would be glad to hear/read your opinions on what class I should chose as next.

    It can be standard or wild format, I really don't matter. Thanks in advance!

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    Hello Toniropa!

    Thanks a lot for sharing a deck and tips. After around 50 tries with other decks, this work for me perfectly! C'thun power haha!!!



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    Quote from SavageProMaster >>

    I dont know how you get legend with this deck, because everyone rekts me 


     Maybe just bad luck. 
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    You Sir, deserve that +1. I will try it.

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    Hello there TheSredna!

    Nice deck really i will try it. But I have one question, Is Deathwing replaceable by [card]Deathwing, Dragonlord[/card]? 

    Not that i can't craft a Deathwing but for start if I can use new version of it.

    Thanks for share.

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