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    posted a message on 17.6 Balance Updates - Many Nerfs planned for July 14th!

    One card only played as a singleton in certain highlander decks nerfed by 1 mana.  I think you'll survive...

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    posted a message on Forever stuck on Gold 9-8 for 2-3 Month now

    You're stuck in gold, but it's not because of your skill?  That makes absolutely no sense.  If you're stuck in gold with any class, it's 100% because of your skill.  Sorry to burst your bubble.  Keep practicing.  Maybe watch some top streamers.  

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    posted a message on Hearthstone's MM is *NOT* rigged and is *NOT* keeping everyone at 50% win rate

    I know people want to ASSUME it's not rigged, but I played hundreds and hundreds of games these past couple months (maybe even thousands) due to corona and when I play at diamond 5 to legend using a certain deck/class for a while, I will match its counter over and over again, then when I go to switch to a deck that counters THAT one, all of a sudden the deck/class I was just playing against repeatedly is NOWHERE to be seen, and I'm now playing against other classes/decks that counter the NEW deck over and over.  This happens even more frequently on your game that will give you legend (I faced a direct counter 7 times in a row last season each time I was going for my legend game).  

    Now obviously there is no way to keep people at exactly 50%, so the people arguing that because some decks have close to 60% winrate its not rigged are clueless.  The system is designed to TRY to keep you at 50%, but with random luck and RNG and human misplays, it's not always going to be successful. 

    It's definitely not coincidence.  There's some hidden variables here.  

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    posted a message on Horrificlly unbalenced meta

    Skeletal dragon though? lol

    There are many priests that don't even run this card in many decks (including me and I'm a priest main).  

    On a side note and humblebrag, I just went from diamond 5 to legend while only losing 3 maybe 4 games (I guess that would be over 80% winrate) with a self-created highlander priest deck that I kind of made for shits and giggles to try it out.  I played a little bit of everything and thankfully dodged most rogues (I think I only played 2 and broke even with them).  When I started playing it, I had legit never come across a highlander priest deck this season, but along the way I actually ran into 2 other priests also playing highlander so maybe it's starting to come along a bit.  I play on an ipad so I have no proof of all the matchups or winrate, but it was definitely around 80 or maybe even a little more.  Lost to a rogue once and hunter with perfect curve twice with maybe one other loss in there to a demon hunter that also curved out perfect.  Had some really close games and a little luck since the only way you can get 80% is with both skill and some luck.  

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    posted a message on [LEGEND] 3 Day Grind Domination - HEIL GALAKROND!

    With sac pact nerf, only warlock deck that can sometimes perform well is zoolock.  I can't even remember the last time I've lost to a gala warlock. 

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    posted a message on Duplicate Protection in Season Rewards Chest Not Working

    I legit got 3 of the same rare card and then 2 of the same rare card in my rewards for legend.  5 total cards, but only 2 different ones.  Woo hoo...

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    posted a message on Priests are killing the game for me more than Demons hunters.

    Rogue players (which is the strongest AND most played class) see no issue with these priests you speak of.  It's basically an auto win for the rogue.  Then again, most things are.  

    OP is just mad when he actually has to think before making his moves, and can't just go face. 

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    posted a message on Tempo Boar Hunter Legend Deck - 65% Win Rate - Not OTK Boar

    So does this just lose to DH 100% of the time, or...?

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    posted a message on [Legend] 80% Win Rate Secret Tempo Rogue (with guide)

    This deck is trash.

    P.S. I'm only saying that because I don't want people playing it because it literally makes climbing with priest impossible.  Rogue is OP as hell right now.  

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    posted a message on ( 96% WR ) Tabbue Galakrond Resurrect Priest

    How you manage to completely avoid rogue while playing priest is beyond me.  That's all I play when I search priest.  If I switch classes though, I see less rogues.  It's weird.  It's like the game is actually trying to screw me over because it's literally impossible to beat rogues with my deck. 

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    posted a message on [LEGEND] Tempo DH (Post-Nerfs)

    It's just like any other DH deck.  Play your cards and you win.  No strategy required when every single card in your deck is stronger than your opponent's.  

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    posted a message on Will Blizz change Sacrifical Pact?

    If sac pact is nerfed, it will make a game that is almost completely unplayable due to overpowered DH completely unplayable. 

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    posted a message on All The Demon Hunter Nerfs - All the Details - Live Already!

    Lol that's it?  Still going to be abused so much for being extremely OP compared to all other classes.  Still no way to counter it with any deck.  

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    posted a message on AoO TheoryCraft Highlander Galakrond Warrior

    Bulwork weapon seems counter-intuitive. 

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    posted a message on Vivid Spores

    This card is absolutely broken.  Token shaman with bloodlust is going to be pure cancer.  

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