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    This is my first and last post on this website because i finally did it!

    For quite some time Hearthstone felt like a burden to me because i invested a lot free time and money into the game. And because of that i couldnt really stop playing it because it felt like i am throwing away all the time and money i invested even tho i had not much fun playing the game anymore. But i finally  made the final step and requested to permanently delete my account. I need to permanently delete my account even if im losing some games i buyed, because i stopped playing a couple times but just kept coming back. It felt like a addiction. 

    Maybe someone reading this in a similar situation  can find some encouragement to do the final step and quit, Only if you dont enjoy the game and it feels like your are addicted of course.

    Excuse me my english, but i am not a native speaker

    Thanks for reading and have a nice day




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