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    I don't know what you guys smoke. Or maybe you play HS on a different planet

    Highlander mage => loss

    Highlander rogue => loss

    Tempo DH => loss

    Libram Paladin => loss

    All won super easy. I did not even get close to worry them.

    Early game sucks. Nothing will stick on board making it impossible to evolve. Late game you are already behind. Other classes will come up earlier with power minion you can't even remove because you have 0 spells unless you are really really lucky and come out with a fully charged Galakrond early on.

    Mogu Fleshshaper : 9 mana unplayable before mid-late game if you draw it early it is a dead card in your hand not to mention the fact that if you do not have the possibility to evolve it immediately it is useless, it can't even charge anything without dying

    Desert Hare: another absolutely dead card until you draw the weapon (turn 8) or you combo it with Bogstrok Clacker (turn 6) providing you have the combo in your hand, by then any one will be able to deal with underwhelming 4 mana minions

    Far Sight: there are at least 10 cards that cost less than 3 mana if you draw any of these you have just wasted mana and lost tempo

    Novice Engineer: another 1/1 pathetic card you have to rely on which says everything about the draw potential shaman has

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    Performance at diamond rank is barely 50%

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    The problem with all these decks that work at legend, where people experiment the most, is that they often do not work at lower ranks.

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    The interaction Convincing Infiltrator +  Grave Rune is totally busted and out of control. Very few archetypes can handle this, maybe control shaman. For the rest this is unmanageable and pure cancer. At this point 6 HP is way to much. Make it 1 mana cheaper and lower the HP to 4.


    Winged Guardian. Honestly this guy here is one step away from a legendary minion. Too much in one card and again the embiggened version summoned on board is nearly impossible to deal with. I would at least nerf the damage from 6 to 4.

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    Glaivebound Adept

    too powerful, cost should be 6 or 7 mana or reduce attack

    Priestess of Fury

    totally out of control, this should have max 3 attack

    Kayn Sunfury

    ridiculously busted, this should not have charge but assault

    Altruis the Outcast

    another ridiculous legendary with the amount of cheap cards they have, this should only damage enemy minions not players

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    Let's compare

    Legendary, meaning only one in deck. 8 mana 8/8 dealing 8 damage to one enemy each turn. Can't attack


    Rare, meaning you can have 2 in your deck. 7 mana 6/7 only 1 attack less per mana compared to Ragnaros. Deal 6 split dmg therefore  more versatile. Can attack!!!

    Do you need more????

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    Quote from TinTinDance >>

    lol dh is destroyed and you still complaining?

     Hahahahahaha destroyed hahahaha. Sorry DH player unable to play after the nerfs spotted.

    Stiil tier 1 with at least 2 archetypes

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    The combo Totemic Reflection Splitting Axe is indeed not bad

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    Bye bye my friend. I will miss you. The most fun shaman card ever in the history of Hearthstone 

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    People get ready. Next expansion is going to be even worse than this one for shaman. RIP

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