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    posted a message on Free Arena Run & Knights of the Frozen Throne Card Packs During The Frost Festival

    Free's free right

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    posted a message on Some Classic Cards Moving to Wild, Three Expansions this Year, New Rogue Hero - Year of the Mammoth

    For those wondering, If you do not have the golden versions, and you have enough dust, craft the golden version just before the expansion hits and you will be awarded up to 100dust for each of the 3 commons, 200dust for the Azure, and 1600dust for the legendaries.

    You should start with the legendaries because the ratio is the best 3200 invested for 1600 returned, compared to 1600 invested for 200, or 800 invested for 100.

    More clarification. using the legendaries as an example.

    if you don't have normal or golden Sylvanus, craft the golden one (-3200dust), get awarded 3200 at the rotation, de golden Sylv get 1600. Net gain of 1600 dust. If you can't afford the 3200, then craft the normal one -1600, get awarded 1600, de for 400, net gain of 400.

    if you have the normal Sylvanus, do NOTHING get awarded 1600 dust. Or craft golden Sylv for free (-3200 dust, and get awarded 3200)

    if you already have golden Sylv, congratulations, you have just pocketed 3200 dust for use on the new expansion.




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    posted a message on Ben Brode on Announcements of Announcements, Gadgetzan, Nerfs, & More

    You need to be 'friends' with both players to see the both hands.

    So yes, if you want to betray one friend for another, sure

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    posted a message on New 'Loot Box' Regulations in China

    I don't think that last point specifically means player trade.

    It's along the lines of the dust system, where one can use virtual goods to create other virtual goods. This is to prevent players from buying stuff that can't be used.

    i.e. if there was no dust system in HS, and you opened more than 2 of any card.. those extras would have no value.

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    posted a message on Hearthstone Asia-Pacific Summer Championships 2016 Decklists

    No Paladin decks either.

    Surprised that no one is running some form of Anyfin or N'zoth paladin

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    posted a message on The Angry Chicken # 172 - The One with Daniel Negreanu

    There is obviously skill in HS

    and the difference in poker is that you might get dealt a bad hand 3 rounds in a row but the RNG will even out in the hundreds of hands that are played throughout the tournament. In HS you only get 3~5 games, and with variance being that high, losing 3 games because of RNG is quite likely, I'm certain that over 100 games the better player will win more, but noone has time to play 100 games per tournament.

    And also in poker you get to 'bet' what is on the line, you get a crap hand, you fold and mitigate your losses.

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    I believe there's a Moira Bronzebeard 1/3 (3/1 in hardmode) creature on his board that prevents him from using his hero power.

    She attacks you every turn I would assume, and you can't play taunt creatures or aoes because if you kill her, you're also dead next turn.

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