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    Battletag: Cornfed#1734

    Region: US
    Usual Play Times: typically daily, time varies
    Level of Experience: Intermediate. Just reached legend for the first time! I’m kinda ftp, but I’ll buy some packs every once in a while
    Preferred Heroes: Changes with the meta. I have most of the good meta agro and midrange decks at the moment
    I’m Looking For: Friends in general for quests, all my friends from back in the day don’t play anymore (just got back into HS after a 2 year hiatus) 
    Tell us something about you: I’m going to medical school and I have 2 kids with one more on the way!

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    I am a big fan of elemental shaman with the windfury HP. Especially if you can get All Together Now and Battle Totem. It has so much burst damage. I've only done like 10 runs but each time I do elemental shaman I get 7+ wins pretty easily

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