About Me

I'm a Wild player. Maining Hunter and his different reincarnations in Reno archetype! I really love how different each deck of this archetype can yet still work and be fun!
I started playing when the second wing of Naxxramas just came out, my first class was Hunter and archetype Mid-range. The person who encouraged me in the first place to play Hearthstone (Heroes of Warcraft back then...) - my uncle told me that it would be a good idea to start with it. Later I noticed murlocs and thought it would be cool to play with Shaman Murloc (Neptulon was awesome! and has one of the best entrance animations to this day!) I still remember crafting my very first legendary - Dr. Boom! Most OP card ever created xd
Some time passed and I've become netdecking player. And finally, when Whispers of the Old Gods came out that was the first moment I tried Reno Hunter with N'zoth, it was new and refreshing but didn't stick long to it... until Mean Streets of Gadgetzan appeared with waves of pirates I decided to use Freezing Trap to piss them off and this time I fell in love with Control Hunter, got back to Reno Hunter and stayed like that to this way <3


BattleTag Wujson#21762 Favorite Class Hunter Region EU