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    posted a message on Wyrmrest Purifier and Transmogrifier

    There's actually a Blizz Confirmed bug in Arena that makes it Epic are offered at a significantly higher rate than they should have.


    And frankly, Wyrmrest Purifier is in almost every deck, making most of your Arena matches into Random Clown Fiestas. It's more of a tavern brawl rn

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    posted a message on Onyxia's Lair Spell/Dragon Priest
    Quote from Carlsberg >>

    As long as Quests are in game you can hold off on any Dragon deck

     Yeah, if your deck is "fair" then it stands no chance.

    Either your deck directly counters a quest deck, or it's an aggro deck faster than a quest deck. - or you don't have a deck.


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    posted a message on (Theory) Cool combo idea

    Combining buddies with different hero powers is so much fun this patch.

    I thought of a boardclear combo the other day. 
    You would need to have lobby with Shudderwock and Sneed (and either Dragons, or Tess/Scabbs)

    1, you play Amalgadon
    2, you play Sneed's buddy
    3, you play Ravaging Ghoul
    4, you play Shudderling

    5, you end up with a poison minion with deathrattle: deal 1 dmg to every other minion

    Have any of you seen this combo perfomed live? I'v tried to, but it's very hard to force

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    posted a message on Tavish vs Rokara is This Week's Tavern Brawl

    Man I can't emphasize enough how much I don't care about any of the 10 mercenaries. 
    This has to be the worst narrative in HS history, and I am so dissapointed they dedicated a whole year for this dogshit storyline.

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    posted a message on Battleground buddies helped me make a 2 billion attack power kalecgos

    OP? you still lost to Vandar lol

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    posted a message on Patch Notes 22.2 - Balance Changes, Battlegrounds Updates, Duels, Mercenaries, Lunar New Year & More!

    Why is Edwin's buddy a SI:7 scout?? I thought SI:7 were the enemies of defias and Edwinn??? 

    is that an oversight? or is the SI:7 agent infiltrating into Edwin's ranks and pretending to be his best Buddy to spy on him?

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    posted a message on What happened to hearthpawn

     Heartpwn became part of the Jezz Befos (twitch) hyper conglomerate, and the main guy who did any work for this website is now working on other website (outofcards), where he is way more active. 

    Also, a lot of people stopped playing the game lately.

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    posted a message on Core cards

    I am pretty sure you will lose them (since you don't own them, because you never crafted them or unpacked them or acquired them through achievments or such), and you can then craft them if you want to use them in Wild.

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    posted a message on Why does face hunter still exist?

    As long as Hunter's HP will be "deal 2 face", face hunter will always exist

    That's how the class was designed from the beggining


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    posted a message on Help with my archetype randomizer

    Great idea, but if you want to truly have a complete random experience, I suggest adding more niche archetypes. 

    Heartpwn deckbuilder has an archetype categories and each class has like 20+ archetypes.

    This is Priest for example

    Aggro, Big, Combo, Control, Clone, Corrupted, C'thun, Deathrattle, Dragon, Galakrond, Highlander, Mecha'tun, Moonfang, Murloc, N'zoth, OTK, Quest, Reno, Ressurect, Silence, Shadow, Spell, Spiteful, Thief, Watchpost, Zoo 

    And I understand that most of these wouldn't work in other classes, but then again crafting Silence Demon Hunter or Freeze Warlock would be a fun challenge

    But if you want a serious answer, add in Spiteful, that's a cool archetype


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    posted a message on Server-Side Hotfix - Maestra Bug Fixed & More
    Quote from kwikill >>

    Cheating at Mercs.. wow/why?

    ..and just yesterday I ran into a bot in Mercs (not an AI "Your Opponent", but an actual account that was running an automated script) and again I could only think "why?"

     Same reason why people bot in Standart

    you don't play the game to have "fun", you play it to win. And the best way to win is to not play

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    posted a message on Buffing cards (maybe Hero cards?)
    Quote from FortyDust >>

    People constantly complain about power creep in other threads, and here's a thread literally asking for it. #NoWinSituation

     Might aswell make old cards viable, since they've been powercrept on

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    posted a message on What's the use of the demon that destroys a friendly demon, gains its stats and 3 gold.

    You get 3 gold back, so it's free. So that's a free proc for 1/3 gnome or 6/6 Bigfernal. And most importantly, a free 3/3 for your Demon.

    And sometimes you want to keep the stats, but lose the deathrattle (for example when you want to proc trickster with your parrot)

    I mean, it's not the most useful minion, but it's a good tempo choice and economically viable.

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    posted a message on Battlegrounds is rigged

    Climbing in BGs is not about skill, tho

    BGs is inherently rng heavy, and while skill matters, you will often get rng screwed even when you play the best you can.

    So scaling above YOUR rank is just about grinding, to break the 6k MMR you have to grind all day, that's the rank where skill stops mattering and you won't climb by casual playing anymore.

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    posted a message on On the pronunciation of Libram

    maybe you could pronounce library as li-brary too, to be consistent

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