About Me

I'm a casual Hearthstone player from Italy (EU) who enjoys meta and non-meta decks. I like to have fun with gimmicks and to experiment with the top tier creations as well. 

I play HS since the Open Beta, and my account is 100% free to play. My favourite classes are Warlock and Warrior.

My all time favourite decks have been:

- Zoolock (from the Undertaker one to the more recent versions)

- Miracle Rogue (the OG one, with the 5-mana Auctioneer)

- Midrange Hunter (pre and post Undertaker nerf)

- Mill Druid (GvG meta)

- Patron Warrior (rip Warsong Commander)

- Anyfin Can Happen Paladin

- C'thun Warrior

- Dragon Pirate Warrior (still one of my favs to play in Wild)


Region EU