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    I own every card in the game and have played since closed beta my collection is 70 percent fully golden and  I got both Bob's bargains with 4 leg and 60 packs combined. With my 20% off amazon coins, I got the packs for .65 cents so 7600 dust for $39 not bad. My dust pile is sitting well over 100k as well.  I'll hit another 170-175 free packs for the next xpan.  I look at everything in dust terms to make golden cards.  Considering  I had to pay $55 for three racks of baby back ribs at Costco today that shouldn't cost much more than $30, complaining about how much digital entertainment costs you should take a look around and start complaining about things that really matter like the cost of energy and food. I can't wait till the 2022 elections...

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