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    Quote from Ophion >>

    You need to state your region as well. (I assume NA?)

    The safest adventure is always the very latest, whether it's the best depends on which decks the included cards are crucial for.

     Oh, of course. You guessed correctly, I'm a northern americano, will edit relevant post
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    Hey all. So, I only have two measly bnet friends and neither of those useless ninnies will not leave Azeroth for one moment of their gaming time, so this latest quest where you need to watch a friend in spectator mode....well I can't do it *sniff*

    Yes, that's correct. I'm...asking...for a friend. Smells like assburgers.  I feel like Sloth before he met Chunk, it's very sad indeed. Anyway, if anyone can add me so I can watch their badassery and get my gold, then that'd be awesome.

    bnet (NA) - ArcOfDescent #11532

    Second Query:

    I decided to just save gold instead of getting stomped in Arena every time I reached 150g. I recently hit 700, and was almost ready to start the Explorers one when I was reading around and learned a lot of cards would be ditched soon, i.e. Reno. 
    What Adventure would be the most optimal one to start at this moment in time, so near to the end of a season or whatever it's called? (I'm still pretty green). I wouldn't want to waste the gold if I can't make use of the prizes while playing Standard. 
    Or would it be gold better spent just purchasing 7 classic packs? Hopefully not the Adventure sounds more fun.

    Thanks to whoever takes the time to read and answer.

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    Not complaining, I know keeping up with patches is not a leisurely stroll through the park. Just thought I'd report how my innkeeper is functioning...

    About an hour ago I downloaded the patch you provided a few posts above, replaced the exe as directed and everything worked fine.
    However, about 20 minutes ago I realized I was unable to import decks no matter how much I tweaked the environment. After repeated restarts, trying different decks, heroes, shortcuts, etc etc, I concluded that feature is not functioning at the moment (for me at least)

    I'll do it manually for now, I'm sure you guys will have it up and running again in no time. Can't wait, innkeeper is the shit and I'm an insufferable kissass. Who wants to fight about it?


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