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    Hello everyone! My name is TLV, and I started streaming roughly a month ago!

    I've been dedicating myself to Hearthstone ever since the Beta, with minor gaps in play. Recently I started making consecutive Legend months, and even more recently, started getting high finishes in Legend by the end of the season. On the season of January I finished 137th (EU Ladder).

    I've always admired educational content creators, and I decided I would like to join them, but with my own spice! I've had a lot of students in Maths, English, and Informatics before, and I really enjoy teaching. I'd also like to do the Hearthstone equivalent of that - coaching!

    That being said, DISCLAIMER: None of the coaching I do, on or off-stream are paid services. I don't advocate paid services, I don't plan on doing paid coaching. All coaching I do is and will be free of charge.

    My channel is: https://twitch.tv/tlvbor

    Current goals:

    • Content-creation goals: 
    1. Stream regularly! - I do feel I stream quite a bit of time, however the regularity of it needs to be fixed by me ASAP.
    2. Finish up creating that Youtube channel! - I am roughly done with setting up my Youtube channel. All I have left to do is create a Logo, and upload my banner - then I can move on to uploading videos regularly!
    3. Create good content!
    • Hearthstone goals:
    1. Finish in Top 50! - Currently I am around Rank 30 or so. This is the highest I've been in the second half of any season, so I want to keep that rolling!
    2. Qualify for Masters Tour Two! - This also derives from 1, but also includes potentially winning a Masters Tour Qualifier, so it's a seperate goal as well.
    3. Coach more people! - The people I have coached so far have all had pleasant experiences. The experience I've had with them was super exciting, and I'd love to do more of it! I want to help people reach their goal, I want them to have optimised decks for their pocket-meta, I want them to be the best version of themselves. Where can I help with that? In Hearthstone, and by giving great content - so this is my highest priority goal!

    I have 2 types of coaching on my channel. Type 1 coaching is: on Coaching-day (will be announced here), you come on the channel, and there's a bot called Play with Viewers, which holds a queue of people who are looking to get coached. By typing !join in chat, you get added to the queue. Whenever I am done with coaching the previous person, I will look to the next person in the list, and get in contact with them.

    The other version of coaching is what I've planned for this months' Monthly Giveaway! So type 2 coaching is what I call "Coaching to Legend". What does this entail? We get in contact with each other on Discord. We get in a call on a regular basis, we talk about what rank you are on, what decks you play, what optimisations you could make with your decks. We go through your replays, if you have them, I analyse your play, find what you should work on. Then we hop into live games (off-stream), and we go through a few games play-by-play. We do this every time we are both available, until you hit the rank of Legend! I answer all your questions live, ask you what you would do in what situation, and try to hook you up with the proper mindset of winning more games, and thinking about the game on a deeper level!

    So I will be giving away 4x of this type 2 coaching, 2 will be to my Twitch followers, and you can find the details on the other 2 on my channel! Again, DISCLAIMER: both versions of coaching are TOTALLY FREE. I do not coach for money, I do not use paid services, nor do I endorse you to purchase any. The only reason I run this giveaway, is because Type 2 coaching is time-consuming, so the version of coaching I do on-stream to everyone is Type 1 coaching! So if you'd like more time and knowledge, here is your shot.

    I will be going live today, a few minutes after the Mini-set releases finish! I have a bunch of decks I will be trying out, like Curse Warlock, Quest Hunter (with Dragonbane Shot), Dragon Mage, Control Priest, Miracle Mally Priest with Kazakusan, Deathrattle Rogue, Control Warrior and more!

    Hope to see you soon,

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