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    Arena, but with a deck from the collection, as it was in the brawl several times. I would not want this, but this is unfortunately more likely than the two-headed mode or PvE. I hope I'm wrong.

    Tournament mode with rules settings, possibly including intra-match. But it’s strange that it didn’t come out, since many people should participate in the test of this mode.

    Or another attempt to spoof something trendy, but I do not follow this.

    "Spell locked" - it also causes awe, but probably this is only part of the new game mode. I can’t believe that they will introduce social innovations (clans) or change the appearance of the collection of cards (more settings for the filter) - at least not before achievements.

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    The second expansion. The Scourge. And all that is connected with the Scourge: nerubians, defeating the Scourge and borrowing from the vanquished style, Kel'Thuzad (by the way -> Kirin Tor) and his role before and during Warcraft 3 (exposition can be given from his lips, as in the latest addition).
    Wish, not an attempt to guess. Maybe it's the elves, but I'm not their fan. Better to let Naxxramas revive each rotation.

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    Charge -> Rush

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