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    pretty cool card. Its a better version of Tomb Pillager

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    I was just wondering what card you guys hate the most. It can also be pre-nerfed cards or cards from the past.

    I mostly enjoy smashing face with fast aggro decks. So my number one goes to Zilliax. Not even is it my most hated card but it also added my most hated Keyword Lifesteal. Even if i have to admit that lifesteal was mabye good for the game...

    Back in the day when it was in nealy every deck i hated it so much. It was just a one card "win game" vs some of my decks. The card by itself is op but the magnetic effect made it just 100 times worse. Even if i see him now in some decks i get instandly PTSD and want to stop playing hearthstone immidiately.

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    Quote from Dunyil0404>>

    "I could go on..."

    Yes and that is exactly the point. You could go on. If you want to balance wild you would have to rework so many cards. Thats because it is impossible to balance wild. Meanwhile there are 4300+ Cards in Wild format. Even if they just focus on wild with double the team size they have now, they could not balance it. Wild is a unbalanced fun area where you can pull of crazy combos and try stupid stuff. But its far from being a competitive place.

    Another point why there is no reason for blizzard to make huge wild changes is because it would mean tons of "free" dust for standard player that dont use wild cards at all.

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    Sweet if you think this is the worst meta ever. Seems like you just started playing and wasnt there back in the early days.

    I still get flashbacks of Grim Patron Warrior, Pirate Warrior, Force/Roar Druid, Secret Paladin or Huntertaker just to name a few. Another side effect is that the decks i named were there for many month some even for years. Nowadays if something is too op they may fix it within the next one or two patches.

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    Quote from Reviewer >>

    Tried collecting a miniset once by opening packs and turned out to be a massive waste of resources.

     Yes, but thats because you cant pull the cards from the mini Set from Packs! You have to either buy the mini set or craft the Cards.

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    Quote from xAledmy >>

     more aggro cards, disappointing...

     How is this a Aggro Card? This Card is a counter to aggro lol...

    a cheap 2/4 with lifesteal is super annoying for aggro decks

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    Quote from NovaFrost >>

    Go play marvel snap if you want brainless Aggro spam. Or yu gi oh where you can end games on turn 1. We don’t want you in this game.

     Sorry that i dont want to play 30 minute long control vs control games while i discover 500 cards that didnt started in my deck. 


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    Yes i am sure i just double Checked it. Same Account and Same Country (Germany).

    For Example the Battle Pass costs 19,99€ and on IOS Mobile Version the same Battle pass costs 22,99€. Same for the MC Blinktron Bundle witch costs 24,99€ in the Battle.net Store and 29,99€ on Mobile Version. There is a difference from 3€ up to 5€ for the same Bundles (Every other bundle is also more Expensive on Mobile).

    So if they have no problem with more Expensive Bundles on Mobile, i wonder if they also make the drop rate worse on mobile Versions.


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    It is no Secret anymore that the Shop purchases on Apple devices are more Expensive then the ones on PC. But dose someone know for sure if the odds of pulling a legendary, Epic or golden Card are also lower on IOS than it is on the PC Version of hearthstone?

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