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    People were making threads about HS dying when ben left but yet the game to me has actually gotten better since he left.

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    posted a message on Card Nerfs Aug 26th - Including Wild

    Why are you people still complaining about boom? You realize the card is going to be gone within 6 months. Nerfing it to the point of unusable just so you can be happy against warrior for 6 months is not going to help. 9 mana nerf is fine. If you nerf it more, it will be complete !@#$ in wild once it rotates. When all the other hero cards were in standard with dr boom, he wasnt as good. He got good once they all left cause he was the best hero left in standard. If you mess with him more by removing his rush and etc., he will be complete %^-* in wild compared to the other heroes like Rexxar. Calm the heck down with wanting to nerf every thing that seems to bother you when playing your favourite deck. He should of just been hall famed instead of being tampered with but 9 mana is reasonably fair but nothing more then that or you are just ruining a good card to appease people in standard for 6 more months.

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