About Me

Hi. Im jearthstone player since Naxx. Most of the time i play warlock since he is my fauvorite class and Gul'dan is the strongest mortal in WoW lore by itself and he have great connectons with the strongest creature in WoW universe, Sargeras! I started to play warlock since i got Mal'ganis for my first legendary ever.. 

After first rotation i played standard cause reno was still there and he is my fauvorite card to build deck around it. When he went to wild i said i will never play standard again. And i im wild player that reach rank 5-1 every season with warlock decks.. 

I have 2 rules:

1. Never ever ever netdeck!!

2. You can win a game till you dont have any card in your hand or deck!



BattleTag 2121 Favorite Class Warlock Region EU