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    Bloodburner Apprentice Set 1

    Bloodburner is a risky control class that has high power but high cost cards and effects. the hero power is the class' most valuable asset, keeping aggressive players at bay in the early game and triggering the new keyword Fresh Blood late game. The class is grindy control oriented, with many value spells and cards ensuring you never run out of steam. Dragons are a core aspect of a class as well, being one of the strongest tribes as the game goes on. This class is introduced during Rastakhan's Rumble, as a surprise 10th competitor in the arena. Serving the blood god G'Huun, and with the might of fire, blood and dragons, bloodburners will surely take the throne!

    Showcase Cards: 


    Rest of the cards:


     The challenge card is Devoted Servant, utilizing the Omega mechanic from The Boomsday Project.



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    Bloodburner Apprentice Set 1



     For old mechanic: the 'cast this again' thing from WotFT (see Defile, Spreading Plague, Roll the Bones)

    Question: Do we have to do anything expansion related yet? From my understanding that only comes to play in the last stage of the comp. In my case for Rastakhan's Rumble, i don't have to make a Loat/Spirit until Week 4, right?

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    Blood magic is a vile thing, to use your own life force to create powerful spells. Who can survive this deadly cost, igniting their own veins to defeat their enemies? The reptilians of course, with their incredible regenerative nature.


    Class Overview: 

    • Self Damage focused
    • Powerful spells with drawbacks most of the time
    • Powerful Hero power and many Hero Power synergies
    • Dragons!
    • Is introduced during  Rastakhan's Rumble

    The Bloodburner is a fire and blood centered class, able to control the entire game but living on the edge due to many self damage effects. The class benefits often from being at low health which empowers a few cards. Health matters, both your own and the minions'. Just like priest plays with attack values, the Bloodburner plays with Health values. The Hero Power is the strongest asset besides your health pool, as many cards empower it and amplify it in some way. Because blood magic is so volatile most spells will harm you while the minions will protect you, either by being big taunts, healing or lessening the health costs of your magic.

    Showcase Cards:



    Rest of the Basic Set:



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    Finally, been waiting for this to return for months!

    Some of the older people here may remember my class from the last comp but i did change up quite a few cards so behold, the new and improved


    Hero and Hero Power:

    Classic Set:

    And this will be my keyword for the classic set:

    I'm including it for context as to why certain cards are the way they are. Flame Barrier for example is meant to be a simple way to activate Fresh Blood and increase the power of cards like Bloodflame Bolt without actually losing hp.

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    Quote from Live4vrRdieTryn >>

    What do we think the chances are of new cards being added via adventure becoming the norm? Even though the GA cards were largely unimpactful they were a welcome booster shot between the long dreary wait between expansions. Is there any talk about keeping that going?

     For a f2p player, 4800 gold between expansions is a huge deal. If they keep releasing these bonus adventures with cards locked up behind them i think many will struggle to keep up without paying. 

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    They tried something new and it kinda fell flat. 

    First of all, the story is bad. HS is a silly game but there is a limit to how silly you can be until i lose interest. Lets be real, who actually cared about Rafaam and his band of discount villains? It kinda butchers the WoW lore this game was once based upon.

    The decks and OP hero powers they give you in normal mode were a bad idea. You just breeze through all the content in 5 min with no effort. Might as well give me the cards for free. I understand why they did it, to allow everyone to get the cards, but this kinda made me lose interest fast in the bosses. They weren't memorable.

    And the cards themselves...ugh. They could have made a mini expansion that had the same theme as the year, but no, we got rejects from previous expansion that don't really fit at all with what the meta situation is. Winged Guardian made embiggen good, but besides that most new cards fell flat.

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    Yes cause of all the clases shaman needed another legendary!

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    Thankfully it's even costed

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    Since more lackeys will be added in the next 2 expansion that means new villains will appear. I think it's very likely that the non evil classes will be evil next expansion and the evil ones will be heroes. Do you think they will add these new villain decks to Zayle?

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    Well i didn't expect to get this far in my first big comp. Perhaps if i had less exams i could have done better. Anyway, congrats to those who passed.

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