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    posted a message on Don't be shy, my friend. Who is your waifu?

    If Hearthpwn got diarrhea this thread is what it smells like. 

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    posted a message on Stealer Of Souls In Wild Mode Will Be No More!

    Blizzard “own goaled” themselves on this. 

    it’s not a fast response. It never should have happened in the first place. They ruined one of their play modes for over a week now. 

    0 cred to the small indie company and the Devs is in order. 

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    posted a message on New Dynamic Bundle Offer - Different For Everyone

    DO NOT BUY! 


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    posted a message on Returning players' experience. What do you think?

    Think long and hard about getting “back in” to one of the most expensive play to win card games out there. If not.. the most expensive. 

    you can have fun with the other modes but obviously over time they will potentially suck you in to paying some big bucks. 

    unfortunately the metas always come down to one or two decks. Right now for wild Secret Mage holds the title. For standard paladin and mage. There’s not much creativity all around. You kinda have to play those decks to achieve legend. Yes there are counters.. but those counters become the same thing over and over again. Just like the meta. 

    so ya.. just decide what it’s worth to you personally first before diving in. It can be dangerous for the wallet, and not much fun for most of us when you have to grind the same thing over and over ... for what? 

    my 2 cents m8 \m/

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    posted a message on Shaman is absurd in duels

    Ya looks like you had a good run. 

    run it again, and again. Testing for Duels is hard though. 

    enjoy it man! 

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    posted a message on Is something wrong with rng?

    Blizzard has its own internal definition of “Random Numeric Generator”. 

    It’s not what it seems.. historically proven, they manipulate the “RNG” as subtle as possible to keep us confused and buying packs. 

    Welcome to Azeroth. 
    Put on a tin foil hat and pray to Yogg. Guard your resources. And keep posting about the injustice that plagues our bank accounts. 

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    posted a message on Can someone recommend me some video games for extremely manly individuals?

    Whatever Frodan & Kibler play off stream. 

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    posted a message on Top 5 Duels Moments of the Week - 1

    Someone buy this guy internet for 30 more days please. 

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    posted a message on Top 5 Duels Moments of the Week - 1

    This post seems like a desperate one @Harthbone

    Nobody plays Duels. The RNG is even worse than Standard Mode itself. And that’s just the tip of the Ice berg with what’s wrong with the format. 

    How about a post that actually matters fellas? Wanna write about Team 5, Deck of Lunacy, librams.. etc.? 

    Game stats, class stats, win rates... are we having trouble finding topics? 



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    posted a message on Nerfs Announced

    Wow BLIZZ! little bitty baby nerfies! Cute and subtle (as to not own the blame for one of the worst meta expansions in HS history.)

    Pen flinger is the most dramatic. This nerf feels reasonable. 

    Deck of lunacy nerf is not really enough. But we all need to remember the win rate on this deck is not as explosive as it feels when you loose to it. Raising the card to 4 mana does little functionally except for the super fast start effect it had @ 2 mana. 

    Tickatus should have been addressed. But it wasn’t. So that means..

    .. this round of nerfs makes a statement. Destroying cards is going to be around for quite awhile. 

    these nerfs don’t change much for me. I guess now I just go craft the cards I’ve been waiting on while we wait. 

    man. I wanted some changes! I don’t see this meta changing much. Priest will creep out in front with control warrior and warlock will clean up. 

    Paladin will be here and there. But at high level I don’t see it. 

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