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    Quote from Bengalaas >>

    The funniest part about this whole thread is calling Zeddy "well meaning".

    The guy literally lied and attacked the game to gain attention, because he really has nothing to offer other than salt.

     Well, some people like me likes his content, he is not a sellout boy begging for some Blizzard charity...

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     so my strategy was to rope every single turn until eventually some conceded and got my pack.

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    Quote from xskarma >>
    Quote from Specialforces >>

    I came back to Hearthstone after a long break. I am not sure how often these mercenary stories come out, but I enjoy the packs i get. Do we know when the next one comes out? It appears to me that its kind of random. I mean, it doesn't seem to have a specific date each month (correct me if I am wrong).

     I suspect we might hear about a new patch soon. That usually also means they announce the next chapter in the Book of Mercenaries.

    Might be as soon as tomorrow.


    <header class="source"> Quote From @HSDeckTech</header>

    The next big patch is coming soon, but not as soon as people think. We’ve still got something planned that leads up to the next patch.

    In summary, no patch this week, no book of Mercs this week.

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    posted a message on is there something in our power to have blizzard remove the questlines from wild?

    We can summon Zeddy to help us.

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    Quote from CasualPlayah >>

    who cares about battlegrounds ??


    Well thats the battlegrounds subforum right?

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    Hi guys, I just wanted to share my very first perfect game, quality of image is crappy I know, but you can see my health count is still ¨white¨undamaged, and in top of that with Malygos not the best hero... and btw my rating is arround 7000 so not super bad at all.

    Im sharing this because after more than 200 games its my very first perfect game!

    Did you guys ever make a perfect game?

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