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    Quote from Pherosizm >>

    I like the idea of a controlled, set-specific meta, to create some interesting and perhaps never before seen metas, but it also kind of seems rather specific of a request to add to the game.

    I would also argue that duels was an attempt at this, with having select wild sets brought back to use alongside current stuff (they teased this mode to use your old collection). However, the obvious problem here is that duels is pretty bonkers and not exactly what a standard meta ever looked like.

    I don't have the numbers, but I would imagine another game mode on top of everything else would spread the playerbase too thin, but I could be wrong. It would be an interesting in-between standard and wild that could be a lot of fun.

    I doubt they would implement such a thing, but I'm down to give it a try. :)

    I do agree, but the truth is new game modes are constantly being added these past few years/months and some of those don't feel very fresh. Battlegrounds sure was great, but I question everything else. Classic is almost pointless given what they could have done instead, its just a way to give players the chance to play with unstandardized classic content since they changed that, and duels is a game mode to play once in a while. These game modes are already spreading the player base but they do need fresh content that uses existing content to keep these players in the game. Expansions by themselves don't do enough, which can clearly be seen by the declining relevance of the game

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    Hello there.

    I tried to login with my old account but I don't know how to do that anymore hence this new account. I'm gathering opinions from players to try to understand if you guys have a similar feeling and maybe comment on my thoughts. I'm using the same post I placed on reddit but it didn't get much traction, leaving me without a conclusion. So i decided to gather opinions on this forum since you can easily see posts on a more organized format, being easily more visible to users. I'll also place the link to it if you also want to give it traction there

    Original Reddit Post

    Disclaimer: This is not meant to be taken like I'm demanding anything, and I'm probably late on this, but I would just like to have my 2 cents be visible to a wide userbase and see how many share a similar feeling.

    Some backstory: I first started playing HS on the very first day it launched as open beta on EU as I was very excited about it. The game, IMO, became a lot more fun when Naxx was released (except for Undertaker). I was like "Wow this type of Adventure is fun and challenging" Take into account that beating HM Naxx with the classic set was seen as a Feat of Strength. In the next 2 years after that no adventure achieved that. But I'm getting a bit off topic. I preordered every expansion until Old Gods I believe (except for TGT which was trash). That's when I started losing interest. Don't get me wrong, Old Gods was a solid expansion IMO, but most of my friends stopped playing when Wild was introduced and saw a 2 year investment getting thrown out the window. Previous expansions would never be very relevant to have because when Wild was introduced, Blizzard made it crystal clear that Standard was THE true Standard.

    It might not be like this but at that point I saw before my eyes 200€+ going down the toilet (which is not a lot for some ppl, but it is for me when I'm in a country where that was almost half the minimum wage). You can say that I must not see things like this, the game needed to feel fresh and that couldn't be achieved if the game constantly relied on old cards, and I agree. But is the only way to do that to put those cards on an anything-goes game mode? Doesn't that content, those cards, that people already invested in deserve a bit better than that? Remember this question as I'll get to it later.

    After that I kept quitting and returning for a few weeks or a month because I could never get my head around the idea of how much I spent for so little. "Well, that was your choice" Yes and No. I could never expect that things would be like this in the end. I could never tell that a change would be made that would instantly reduce the value of my investment. We cannot compare this with buying a car, because you already know it will lose value eventually. When buying a game or game content you expect to keep that content on its original integrity and usability, at least for the most part (taking nerfs into account), especially when it doesn't come cheap.

    Wild is too chaotic of a mode where you can't showcase your old collection as a whole, because it has a very anything-goes meta, and the mode does not enforce a more dynamic meta, which is something that it should. I had this idea since like UnGoro that there's so many sets that Wild could be a dynamic game mode where every "defined space of time" you could only use a few specific sets. I'm not saying to remove Wild as it is, maybe just add a new game mode like we just saw with Classic 

    Practical Example: For 2 or 3 Months you could only use Classic or Core, Blackrock Mountain, Descent of Dragons and Ashes of Outland Cards on that game mode. When this period ends a new combination of sets starts


    - Constantly fresh, never seen before metas with old cards.

    - Newer players would actually buy more old packs (This would definitely please the higher-ups)

    - Brings back players with older collections that might buy packs from newer sets that can be played on that game mode

    - Gives players the chance to play again with cards that never saw their full potential (This is a big YES for me)

    - If one or two cards turn out to be broken it's no big deal, because it wont last forever

    - The more sets there are, the bigger the possibilities. This means that a mode like this would only get better as time goes and more content is added.

    - It's most likely easier to make and maintain than a new, fresh Tavern Brawl.


    - "One more game mode, it's too confusing" I highly doubt it but ok.

    This came to mind to me again recently because of Classic Mode, which pretty much screams "We need ways to get old players back, let's try the WoW way". Sorry, it's interesting, but it's not good enough for me. I refuse to believe that this was added to give new players the chance to play old HS, which doesn't have much to offer compared to playing Standard with a wide card pool.

    My idea would definitely bring me back and probably some of my friends, even if it is just for casual play. I believe I'm not the only one on board. Raise your Kappas guys.


    TL/DR: The older sets deserve a game mode where they can shine again. Please read "Practical Example" line on the post for an example. As for feedback, Wild is bonkers and Classic is a cry for help.


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