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    I like the idea of having the 4 horsemen as a Legendary but what about having Ner-zhul as a legendary instead,with a something like this

    10 cost 8 health 6 attack, a bit like ragnaros, Can't Attack, at the end of your turn deal 5 damage to a random enemy and freeze it, whenever an enemy minion dies summon a 1 attack 2 health ghoul with Taunt


    I know its a bit op but Ner-zhul was supposed to be really powerful


    Edit: Deathrattle: Turn your hero from Arthas into the Lich King, with a hero power of  deal 1 damage and freeze a target, 15- 20 max health and he would equip frostmourne, because arthas sorta banished nerzhul when he put on the helm of domination, so when ner-zhul dies arthas becomes the lich king

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