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    posted a message on Anyone else get anxiety while playing?

    I remember I used to play casual when I started to play Hearthstone. Now, I wish I had started playing ladder before because casual victories don't count to the 500 wins goal haha. A game ranking doesn't validate you as a person and, like many things in live, your fear will reduce with each game you play.

    I don't want to sound like a psychiatrist but if you have fear to the ladder, it's quite possible you have anxiety problems in other things, so I'd say you you could use hearthstone as a way to overcome your fear to the fear.

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    posted a message on would you craft a deck full of golden cards?

    The only golden card I crafted was golden Whizbang and I'm not disappointed

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    posted a message on Is It just me or is Mor'shan Watch Post quite OP?


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    posted a message on Mor'shan Watch Post

    too good, they'll nerf it soon.

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    posted a message on Where did all those wins come from?
    Quote from Palathropus >>

    Before the patch I had 953 victories with Warlock (I kept track because it was the class that was closest to 1000 wins), and upon logging in I found the portrait of 1000 wins. I may have won 47 games with the class in arena, but I guess they set that cap.

     I have 953 with Warlock too haha. After the patch I have 1006 

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    posted a message on I have been playing the classic mode and am enjoying it

    I played a game with Power of Nature + Savage Roar. I don't think I come back 

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    posted a message on Question: Which bear is best?

    Polar bear IMO

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    posted a message on Majordomo Executus




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    posted a message on Tickatus makes Big Priests cry

    Until, somehow, they steal you your own tickatus.

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    posted a message on What is your biggest regret in Hearthstone to date?

    I got 3 Yogg Sarons (the old one). In that time, everyone thought that was a shitty card. I dust 2 of them. Then, blizzard nerfed it

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    posted a message on Is it just me? Why is no one talking about this?

    Your argument was overshadowed by your fantastic pun.

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    posted a message on A quick question about Jaraxxus

    Either I'm more lost that you or I understand it differently. In my opinion, standard and wild will have the new version and Legacy will have the old one.

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    posted a message on Game of Thrones Expansion
    Quote from anjie2 >>

    Want to play this! It's somewhat similar to this game i am playing https://games.lol/clash-royale/

     Bots in Hearthpwn OmegaLuL

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    posted a message on My honest opinion why duels is a failed gamemode currently
    Quote from HMcCool >>

    1: Not F2P Player friendly: Literally got to buy packs to unlock the treasures which means you may only be stuck with the first two unless you have enough packs and get enough legendaries. 

    2: Some classes and treasures are really bad: Like some treasures just seem so weak compared to other classes. Like hunter has a hero power which means they can trigger their deathrattles which is pretty mental compared to paladin who summons a 1/1 silver hand recruit and adds one to your hand. I know they have many treasures and hero powers, but I feel like the range of trash to good treasures is so all over the places it means only like 5 classes are actually good out of the 10. 

    3: Some heroes have no chance to win against other heroes unless they get SUPER LUCKY or cheese it of random: For example Bomb warrior is pretty annoying to play against in standard, but now warrior who is one of the best control class can just over run players with having 1 Armour and constantly killing minions. I do not understand how classes like Spell druid and Priest have a chance against bomb warrior unless they take the board which is once again pretty difficult. 

    4: The rewards are not really special: Having some original prizes like a cardback or alternative art would be pretty fun as rewards. Just having the standard area rewards, but have more RNG involved does not really seem worth it. 

    5: It is simply too much based on Passives and Op treasures: I think having a Game mode based on who can get the luckiest is basically what it has become when the treasures are offered. If you can get a broken passive with your deck you are most likely getting to 9 wins. 


    1: Make all treasures FREE for casual mode

    2: Have encounters in the gamemode against computer bosses like every 3 games you go against a computer boss like the room of traps from the original dungeon runs to make it more interesting. 

    3: Add better rewards like cardbacks for playing a season in duels to give people a reason to play. 


     I think that having to create a deck every time you want to play is a turn off to many people, including me.

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    posted a message on Fun cards outside WOW lore

    I'm tired of WOW themed cards, so I made some cards from another topics


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