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    posted a message on BG is riddled with bugs

    Yep after about turn 5 in my last BG it would disconnect at every battle start and only reconnect after said battle is over. Happened each and every battle until I lost.  Had no idea what anyone else was playing.  

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    posted a message on Saving Quests For The Set Rotation

    Yes pretty much. Take a day off the game tomorrow.   

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    posted a message on 10k free dust ?

    Just be happy for the ones that used the dust and got their new cards.  They made out you didn’t. 
    happens every day in the real world.

    And to compare this to bank errors is silly.  Video game currency is nowhere near the same thing as federally regulated currency.
    This doesn’t affect your account at all. Move on.

    And quit being so entitled.

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    posted a message on Demon Hunter 73% Winrate....WTF

    It’s real. I’ve gone about 10-0 since settling in on a strong deck list.

    I don’t even know what they’d nerf to start.  It just all works so well together.  
    I’ve had 5 bodies and a weapon out on turn 2.

    The 2 cost weapon will go up to 3 I’m assuming.  The 2/2 for 1 will also go up or become a 1/2 or even 0/2.  With the free twin sliceS and eye beam you can even clear opponents boards.

    The early game is just way too stronk.

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