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    Right now, Hearthstone is at its best when it comes to F2P players. I started playing on a new account 2 months ago. I have a few competitive decks elemental shaman, face hunter, N'zoth priest, token druid and some random frenzy warrior deck. I also got to legend for the first time in 6 years of playing after disenchanting my collection on 4-5 accounts because of dumb tilting  when I was younger.


    If you want more premium cards, you can get your credit card to do the work. Otherwise, I think the game delivers just enough resources to play fun and creative decks. ( I climbed from diamond 5 to diamond 1 with a home brewed frenzy warrior, I have the deck list on my account if anyone wants to give it a go)


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    Battletag: HouseFive#2288
    Region: EU
    Trade: (can show)  Yes, you go first

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