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    Hi Guys,

    I made my very first card review video for the 12 cards that came out yesterday. Would love to get people's feedback and thoughts on the cards reviewed and content. Check out my YouTube video in the link below:


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    Hey Folks,

    I am not a "gamer" whatsoever but I enjoy playing Hearthstone and find myself spending a couple of hours a day playing it. Despite the game being expensive, there are ways to enjoy the game and reach standard legend ranks as an F2P player. I have not spent a penny on this game and I intend to keep it that way. Took me 3 years to build strong decks and keep up with new expansions for 2-3 heroes on the American and European servers. I will be showing Warlock & Druid deck strategies on the American server and, Paladin, Warrior, and Demon Hunter strategies on the European server.

    If you enjoy/like the content please like and subscribe! Also, as the video suggests I am pretty new to this so I welcome any feedback, and comments on possible improvements moving forward. Thank you for watching! See link below to see my latest bomb warrior video:


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