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    "Desperate Stand"

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    Quote from GhostTrickx1 >>

    Buy classic packs until you have a decent size of the collection, then start buying ungoro packs. Because Old Gods, Karazhan and Gadgetzan rotate out of the format early next year, I reccomend only crafting cards you need from these sets when necessary. If you must, buy Karazhan with money, it is not worth the amount of gold it costs. Stay away from arena until you are confident in your skills or playing for free.


     Disagree with the arena part. I'd play constructed and brawls to farm for gold through wins and quests to save up for arena runs. You have a better chance at winning arena runs because it's random cards. You always get a pack and a random reward based on your wins. Learning arena is completely different from learning constructed and reaps much greater rewards. If you can manage to scrounge an average of 7 wins, you can play arena for free because you get the gold refunded plus some change. It also doesn't matter where you start because you have to learn the cards one way or another and you have a wider selection of cards to look at through 30 random drafting and what everyone else drafts instead looking at secret mages and aggro Murloc Pali all the time. 
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    A lot of you should really watch the video before asking questions. 

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    For me, the answer is no, it's not rigged. I'm a person that has spent some money on this game. I always buy 40 pack bulks when I decide to buy. The last Christmas bulk I bought (50 packs) gave me 5  legendaries. I can't really remember all of them. The two I remember however is Onyxia and a Golden Harrison. Other times that I buy in bulk, I get 1 or no legendaries. The drop rate of legendaries are supposed to be 1 in 20 packs. That's not to say you're guaranteed one in the next 20 packs. That means if there was 20 packs on a table for you to choose from, one of them would have a legendary. The next time you choose a pack, there would be another set of 20 to choose from. 

    However, of course I get other packs that I buy with in game gold and arena runs. I've gotten many legendaries just from singular packs alone. If I was to compare how much legendaries I've gotten from bulk packs to singular packs, I'd comfortably say that I've gotten more legendaries from singulars. Just today I got a Deathwing from buying an in game gold pack and that 10/10 Minion that can't attack heroes from an arena pack. 

    There are things that make it seem like it's rigged, but I'm fairly certain that it's not. 

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