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    posted a message on Is Y'shaarj a problem?

    Its actually kinda sad that its also a high win deck. Some say fast pased decks? Oh yrah dont forget the removal that warlock has, 3 mana deal 2 damage to all minions. Or 3 damage to a single minion 2 mana cost? 

    + warlock puts shards in his deck so he survives a lot of damage. So eventually he will get a twisted in his hands so he can play the corrupted 6 mana legendairy.

    If i see a warlock, i know instant loss because they always have the 3 perfect cards in hand. 6 mana legendairy, 10 mana and twisted so you are fucked every time. It stomps all decks. Its not manny played because its pay to win for making legendairys or buy a lot of packs.

    So to all card makers.  You are shit, make it so they have to corrupt it again or atleast full cost not 0 mana. Best way to stop that broken deck. 

    Thank you. F2p player sucks now (:

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