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    posted a message on I really don't want golden cards to be shown in my colection

    It may be just a brag, but honestly, i fricking hate golden cards. As much as I like the animations on them, this golden frame just looks cheap to me. I've discarded every single golden copy of a card i ever got, except for those that are "uncraftable". It may just be my saltness, but with the new expansion, blizzard just threw even more of them right in my face. I DON'T WANT THEM, LET ME DISCARD THEM OR AT LEAST HIDE THEM SO THEY WON'T LITTER MY COLECTION. With all those new ones, they just take space, and make it unpleasant whereas i am looking for a card which name i don't remember. JUST LET ME HIDE THEM FOR GODS SAKE.

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